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About one and half year ago Haagen-DazsLimited "Heavenly Spoon"Although Ice has been released, it seems that Ice also has limited quantity of ice creams planned. This time, it is named because there are plenty of fruit juice like peach, 23% of the fruit juice and pulp of "Momo Ichigo" from SANAGAOUCHI village Tokushima prefecture, which is a high-grade strawberry with 20 pieces nearly 10,000 yen used"Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream La Maison Ginza "Momo strawberry""It is supposed to be sold in limited quantity on January 21, 2010 at special site. The number of items sold is 5500 sets (one set includes 6 pieces) and the price is one set 5800 yen (including shipping fee), and there are only high-class strawberries and the price is also premier.

It is in Tokyo · GinzaHaagen-Dazs La Maison GinzaHowever, it is said that people who were released on a limited quantity on February 7 and who could not purchase on the net can also go directly to stores to purchase. Also, since January 15, it is said that "I am also interested in strawberry ice cream, coconut mousse and limeju glass tailoring" (1500 yen including tax) will be offered in limited quantity at Haagen Dazs La Maisonne Ginza using January 15, so as soon as possible Even people who want to taste Ichigo ice may go for Ginza early at the beginning of the year.

By the way, the special site will be officially opened on January 8, 2009.

So, tomorrowDecember 1. On 1 December 1 year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

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Today's headline news.
How to take your face from the front with iPhone camera - iPhone / iPod touch laboratory(Memo, the Apple logo on the back is the key)

"The devil wrote an old man! But nobody tried to mangaize (ry) Untitled document(Manga, the number of pages is many, it is likely to be posted in some magazines)

Which prefecture municipal district is the stage of that cartoon? : Alfalfa Mosaic - 2 Channels Summary Blog(Memo, there are many on the stage set in Kanto)

It seems that Azalea of ​​"K-on!" Is used for advertisement of erotic site: Platy Carpa(Note, thinking that it is Nakano Arzade appearing in "K-on!" And clicking ... ...)

Something is wrong "lady body prime" image(Story, is there a place somewhere there?)

Reproduce the "figure with all the NG goods worn" that the pro wrestler says: Cafe au laita(Note, I showed out to the city with all the NG goods surveyed at the marriage consultation office and I examined what kind of reaction it was)

Ring Ana rages at TBS on behind the scenes of Naito and Kameda (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Sports, Mr. Mitsuaki Togashi who served as Ring Ana had instructions to not read the scoring content, but read the scoring content in a way that it scoops instructions)

Natalie - Makoto Kawamoto for the first time in nine years Solo "Welcome to the world of music" complete revival(Acting as a member of music, "Tiger Fakefah" and "Mihomiho Makoto", but since 2001 it has been acting as "Makoto Kawamoto")

"Shin chan" author, Mr. Yuto Usui Farewell party Chibutotsuya "I promised to drink ..." - MSN Sankei News(Miss Mitsuru Hongo who also served as the first director of the memo, anime version also asked for parting)

Production cost of fine wines is actually only $ 15 - My Life in MIT Sloan(Food, I calculate that the cost is at most 20 dollars no matter how much cost it costs)

Why do not temporary staff want to participate in a drinking party with regular employees? | Imadoki Workplace gap resolution method | Diamond Online(There is a discrepancy between the role of the temporary staff that regular employees think, and the roles that the temporary staff themselves think)

"Democratic party fooled me" The distrust of the Hatoyama administration spreading to the prefecture of Okinawa (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News(Society, the voice saying "The current government can not be trusted because the behavior changes overnight")

Keep up early and get up early and clean. First, keep parasympathetic dominance! - BEAUTY - X BRAND(It incorporates the five principles of health and parasympathetic up-up to prepare the environment inside the body)

Three steps to succeed in persuasion | Principles of persuasive communication to move people | Diamond Online(Explaining about "Creating human relationship" in three steps of work technique, "creating human relationships", "understanding / convincing" and "evoking actions")

The ratings of Naito and Kameda in the 2nd successive rankings 43.1% Last year red and white, this year exceeding the WBC - MSN Sankei News(Sports, instant maximum audience rating is 51.2%)

"Michael Jackson THIS IS IT" as early as BD / DVD conversion - AV Watch(Movie, Blu-ray version will be released on Amazon.co.jp limited special package and limited version of Tower Recording etc)

Increase viewing time mainly for young people Net video survey business - latest news: IT-PLUS(Society, 60% of people under 29 are increasing viewing frequency)

D-class gourmet than class B ... first bowl summit, next year in Kanazawa: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)("D" for food, class D is "D" for "bowl (DONBURI)")

Escala cafe | mustache, energy drink ... .... Your maleization is OK? 【Actual Condition of Working Girls】(Memo, eagerly becoming eager, if you forget about your personal things maleization goes on)

"Triangle of a flow line" to measure the ease of use of a kitchen - [Safety of safe and secure household generation] All About(Life, the flow line mentioned here is a route that a person moves for efficient cooking, it is good to make a "work triangle" that connects three points of sink, refrigerator, stove to a well-balanced triangle Appearing

I recommend using 2 credit cards! [Money] All About(In addition to reducing costs such as memos and annual membership fees, it is better to keep credit cards at around 2 to reduce risks such as theft and skimming)

A year-end party for Christmas, which one would you use "word of mouth website?" - Tokyo Walker(Net service, "eating log" and "Yahoo! gourmet" etc.)

What is the era in which you often buy products actually by looking at WEB advertisements? : RBB NAVi (Broadband Content Search Service) 2009/11/30(The proportion of females is high until they are interested in the society, visiting the site, but the ratio of men is higher until they are purchased from there)

Worst 10 for easy user name and password, Microsoft announced - ITmedia Enterprise(The result that people names such as "security", "Administrator" "admin" and "steve" are also likely to be attack targets)

LED TV "Japan-Korea Battle" Sharp, Sony etc. Samsung pursue (1/2) - ITmedia News(Economy, concern that "If you become a situation losing to Korean players even with LED televisions following LCD TVs and semiconductors, you will get irreparable difference")

Convenience store Oden latest situation! "Tsumugi no Tsuyu" and "Your local taste" is Kimo - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Many convenience stores have a commitment to Japanese radish which can be said to be the leading role of Oden)

A gem that Tetsuya Wataru admits! Sage meal reviews for the army corps "Sasae no Ohagi"! : Saizo Woman(1 item that you can eat deliciously even for people who are not very good at eating, sweets)

Petit hands course "Health Line" - Moteou watching hands watching ★ Night - Yolkoyoruta(Check the health line which accounts for 70% of the fortune by looking at the hand, the right hand)

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi "Tired of feeling embarrassed" news - Career Oricon ranking(Entertainment, Ariyoshi is becoming synonymous with re-break entertainer)

Arrested a junior high school student and a pilgrim wrestler on allegations of acting in the car "lost to sexual desire" - MSN Sankei News(Society, Nakajima suspects that girls are under 18 years of age, but they gave 1000 yen after performing obscene acts)

Haruhi Haruo - Fuji TV "Neitamina" TV Anime East of Eden(It seems that the United Cinema Toyosu which became the stage of the movies and works has recorded the number one visitor of the past since the opening in 2006)

India: "Solar thermal power generation" 95% power generation, Hindu temple - everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Overseas, 95% of solar thermal power generation was developed independently by Hindu temple)

A couple gift is less than 5000 yen?? This year's Christmas gift is "low price trend" - Tokyo Walker(Memo, the budget for gifts for girlfriends is "Top 10,000 yen to less than 20,000 yen" is 23.7%)

Resurrection after about 14 years! Important MAN Brothers Orchestra's full body ballad "Tears full of eyes" is delivered! | Trend News | Deliver daily information on topics and topics!(Music, "Important MAN Brothers" became famous for "It is important" resumed activities as "MAN Brothers Orchestra" in September this year)

Medical expenses in Japan are low internationally | YUCASEE MEDIA (Yukashimedia) | Comprehensive information site to stimulate the highest grade(Medical, Japan's medical expenditure ratio to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ratio, ranked 21st among the 30 countries of the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization)

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