A photograph of a sea lion who has been trained and actually deployed in the US Navy

It's a cruel storyUsing animals as weapons on the battlefieldResearch has been conducted since ancient times because the effect increases at low cost. Even now, various ideas are being studied to utilize agility and superior sensation, but the US Navy seems to have trained sea lion and deploy it for underwater tasks.

Details are below.
US use sea lions in terrorism fight - Telegraph

Forget the Seals, meet the Navy Sea Lions: Animals clear mines and fight terrorists | Mail Online

In the US Navy research on the use of these animals has been continued since 1960. In 1970 it was actually used for security in Vietnam, in Iraq we trained dolphins to find mines, and used radio markers We have been done. Currently 28 sea lions, 80 dolphins, and one whale are deployed in the battlefield.

Gremlin of a sea lion attaching a winch metal fitting to a simulated mine underwater. It seems that it is possible to distinguish the shape of mines by training. However, it does not actually handle mines, and assistance of other dolphins and human training is a mission.

It is the main duty of sea lion to act in pairs with handlers in this way to guard the coastline. We are trained to restrain invaders from underwater using special made shackles. Camera can be attached to special lead.

"The hearing of the sea lion and night vision are perfect for this mission, it is strong against low temperature, it can respond more agile than an unmanned submarine," he says.

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