A boy dancer who took away the spectator's gaze from a street performer with brilliant movements

A street performer who shows various performances and entertains the surrounding people. That work can not be done without having people see it, but there is a movie on the scene where the girls in the audience have danced from their street performers because the boy dances with a stunning movement.

Details are as below.
A street performer who moves with Hirahira on a foot like a stilt at Santa Monica's Food Festival.
LiveLeak.com - Little boy steals the show

Many customers are watching, but someone who is outrageous was missing it.

A boy who was clapping his hands to the movement of a street performer decided whether he felt a feeling or not.

The movement is the level that gathers the attention of the surrounding people, and the circle is made around the boy.

The boy kept doing the dance as it was, and took it completely to the point of view. It is likely to become a name dancer in the future.

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