Headline news on November 26, 2009

ORICON STYLE carried outQuestionnaire for "superstition still believing"According to the most people believing and doing, "Hiding the thumb when seeing the hearse" was said to be according to. The reason for hiding this thumb is to "can not meet the death of the parents", and for the same reason some people keep "keeping the thumb when passing through the funeral".

As other superstitions, there are also restrictions on behavior that limits time zones such as "Do not cut nails at night" or "Do not kill spiders during the day", but there are also disadvantages in life as much There seems to be few people keeping what was taught when I was a child.

So, tomorrowNovember 27. On November 27th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Four foods to boost the brain - GIGAZINE

Approximately 12 million yen at a weight of 28 kg, heavyweight books will be published with weight and price - GIGAZINE

Father who continued raping girls for 27 years arrested - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

Business Media Makoto: "1000 yen high speed" "eco point" to the yokozuna - Rakuten Ichiba 2009 hit item ranking(It seems that demand has increased for automobile-related products such as ETC as well as tune-up products, due to the high-speed road fee of 1,000 yen in business)

Business Media Makoto: Consumer's choice, products focused on in 2009(Mask with business, sold-out shops continued second place)

Comprehensive / PC saved the prestige of "7" shipments in October, 21.5% increase - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Hardware, desktops are shrinking and laptop PCs are increasing)

Internal PC "Old machine enough" is a danger signal: ITpro(President of Microsoft who recommends introduction of PC, Windows 7)

IPhone users easy to buy content: survey results | WIRED VISION(There is a tendency to pay a fee to digital contents from mobile, general online users)

Late arrival · Sale application information! There is a separate sale today! Today 39 books + α!(Mobile, iPhone's app that produces a bargain at a price cut sale)

Window Forever - 【REVIEW】 Switch multiple "Remote Desktop" tabs to manage "MBC Remote Desktop"(Software, software for heavy users using multiple remote PCs)

A collection of images that only the beautiful person of the heart sees | Kousyoublog(Portrait right, coping with books that can not use photos on the cover due to circumstances)

A music album compiled on Twitter is released to the world for the first time - INTERNET Watch(Songs written on Twitter in the programming language "SuperCollider" for music and composition are compiled)

Sharp increase in usage time due to mixi application effect, mixi pulled YouTube - Net Ratings | Net | My Computer Journal(Net service, mixi usage time greatly increased from August 2009 to October 2009)

Juvenile's "Twitter" awareness is only 5% - Mobagetown survey - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Net service, as a result that 80% of responding users do not know Twitter)

Thinking about the relationship between TV and Twitter while doing Laputa's live performance :: Critical hit(Internet Service, "Castle Laputa in the Sky" that "Bals" was murmured 20,000 times)

Castle in the sky Castle in the castle 2 ch loading in progress(Note, although the initial stage is relatively safe, spells of name lines and destructions are super dangerous)

Do not you need a Tokyo Motor Show? Explode! Storm flames of China Guangzhou Motor Show | Eco Car Large War! | Diamond Online(The economy, Guangzhou City has been actively attracting automobile final assembling factories and parts manufacturing factories under the slogan of "aiming for Detroit in China", Japanese-affiliated joint venture companies such as Guangzhou Toyota are entering)

Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Does anyone have an annual income less than 2 million yen even though they are in their thirties? - livedoor Blog (blog)(Work, average annual income is40 thousand yen in the early 30's, 46.8 million yen in the latter half of thirties)

Symantec Announces 2009 Trend of Security and Next Year Forecast | Enterprise | My Communication Journal(Security, the biggest vulnerability is the senior director of Symantec speaking with the user himself)

Adventurer "Jetman", challenging intercontinental flying and falling | global speech | Reuters(Overseas, Jetman flying on the back of a jet engine falls in trouble)

Beaten in the interrogation room by Kaus Osaka prefectural police / Entertainment / Society / Daily Sports online(Although he was injured in full weekend due to entertainment, whiplash and so forth, he was silent until now)

Political funds self-help on photo collection! Osaka 's "beautiful lawmakers", limited edition sales - MSN Sankei News(Social, sales of 500 volumes sold out for the first time are good)

Comedy Natalie - "S-1 Battle" Decided to advance to the finals stage of November 4 works(Entertainment, Total Ten Boss can win the 3 rd championship)

RPG's original "Wizardry" revives at PlayStation 3 - Famitsu.com(Labyrinth with feeling of blockage in game, first person 3D viewpoint is alive)

Refreshing action to dismantle the flying battleship apart unexpectedly! SCEJ, PSP "Roughness of 1 million tons" - GAME Watch(Game, feel like an irregular campaign game)

Business Media Makoto: Why can not you learn such things? What is male NG goods(Fashion, 'backpack', 'second bag', 'waist pouch' and bag series are on top)

Christmas gifts not honest honest gifts ranking - Life - ZAKZAK(Strong patterns if personal tasteful things such as memos, accessories and CDs are not met)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Hymn to the night sky, Karuizawa "Singing human Christmas tree" - Society(Memo, a choir singing on a specially made table sent from the USA)

Nathalie - 2nd "CD Shop Award" nominated 20 works announced(Music, the final announcement artist will be announced in the middle of January 2010)

What I left behind | Jun Fukuyama Official blog Announcer is Poncho-yu Powered by Ameba(Memo, a voice actor wrote that he left a story before entering the 31st birthday)

Where the expatriates are located, the quality of life is the highest in Canada = research | global speech | Reuters(Japan is ranked third in the country where the highest salary is paid to workers, expatriates)

How to know the amount of "1 tablespoonful" even without a measuring spoon | nanapi [Nanapi](Life surgery, effective usage of lid of PET bottle)

Matsukata tuna, price 4,370,000 yen! 5 times the market price (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Food, actor · Hiroki Matsukata's tuna caught in a super-high price)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Trams + Oden - Toyohashi's "Osenga" departs on 27th - Society(Eating, eating oden in a swinging car feels dangerous)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Freshly fried potato chips are very tasty(Food, column tasting tasting at Koyoka factory)

Industry / Kirin, homeball cans consumption stimulus consumption stimulus, Suntory "challenge" - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Kirin who has appeared in the field of high ball which popular in the promotion of food, Suntory)

Central Japan Daily - Pizza Hut "Chinese eat well" ... abolish the salad bar(Causes caused by deficits in food, salad tower made by customers)

Japan 's best ramen shop last event held 27th - Ameba News [Ameba news](Closed store event by manager of 'Hikuryu' in food, Senagi)

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