The last word of a convict on death row, the most common is 'Love' instead of 'Sorry'

Newsweek analyzed the final statements of 446 men and women who had been executed in Texas since 1976, and found that just before the execution, condemned prisoners who spoke of love and gratitude rather than regret and fear of death. It turned out to be much more.

Details are as below. Death row's condemned prisoners speak mostly of love --not regret --Telegraph

Texas is currently known as the most active state of the death penalty in the United States, and since 1976, when the death penalty was revived after the US federal court ruled that the death penalty was constitutional, by November 19, 2009. The death penalty has been executed for 446 men and women. The final words of those convict on death row are recorded and published by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and can be viewed by clicking on the 'Last Statement' of each convict on death row from the links below.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Newsweek analyzed all of these published texts and found that the most frequently used word was 'Love' 630 times, about 3 of 'Sorry', which represents an apology or regret. It seems that it is used twice as often. In addition, there are far more convict on death row prisoners who claim to be 'Innocent' until the end.

The next most frequently used word after 'Love' is 'Thanks', which has been used 243 times.

The final words of the death row prisoners vary from long to extremely short, and of course some death row prisoners refuse to state that they have nothing to say, but last week 11 for murdering an 84-year-old woman. The last words of Danielle Simpson (30 years old), who was executed by lethal injection on the 18th of March, are said to be typical.

Last Statement --Danielle Simpson

Yeah, I want to tell my family I love y'all. Tell Kate I love her too. Tell brother, my kids I love y'all. I'm gonna miss y'all. I'm ready, ready.

'I want to tell my family that I love everyone. I love Kate. I love my brother and children. I miss seeing you. I'm ready.' Farewell greetings to the family seem to be the mainstream.

Here, too, 'love' appears three times, and 'ready' is repeated twice. 'Ready' will appear 65 times in total for 446 people, and will give a go-ahead to death row prisoners and executioners who are 'prepared' for death, saying 'I said what I wanted to say, anytime'. It seems that there are many executioners.

The word 'afraid' has been used only once since 1976, and it seems that few convict on death row have spoken of fear of death.

Religion / faith is also a theme that frequently appears, and 'God' is ranked 4th out of all words, as well as 'Lord', 'Jesus', 'Allah', and 'Heaven'. Words such as 'heaven' and 'Hell' are often used.

In addition, the word 'Closure' has been recorded 20 times, and 'Regret' has been recorded 12 times.

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