A man who jumped into a fence with a bear is being attacked

It seems that a man entered the fence with a bear without permission and was attacked by a bear.

Even though it is tamed by humans, it reminds us that approaching an accident can be catastrophic.

Details are below.

The horrifying moment a bear mauls a man who climbed into his zoo enclosure | Mail Online

A man attacked from behind. It's already bloody.

I was pushed down as it was.

This photo was taken at 'Bear Park' in Bern, Switzerland, a facility that just opened on October 25th to give bears a spacious living environment. A Finnish man (whose name has not been revealed) jumped into the fence with a bear, and after sitting on the fence for about 10 minutes, he jumped off the fence. The moment the man enters the fence, the bear rushes towards him. It seems that the man was attacked by a bear as it was.

A man who desperately resists.

While the man was sitting on the fence, a staff member was calling the police, so the policeman immediately rushed in and fired at the bear. After that, he shot an anesthetic bullet and managed to get rid of the commotion.

Police officers rushed to receive the report.

A bear that becomes quiet after receiving an anesthetic bullet.

A man who is attacked by a bear and collapses.

Rescued by rescuers.

The man who was attacked is in good physical condition, and there is nothing special about his life.

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