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At the Friday Roadshow which also broadcasts Lupine the 3rd special show etc, today'Castle in the sky' Laputa 'broadcasted from 21 o'clockIt will be. Even in the ghibli movies with many masterpiecesMany people think that it is the work of my favorite, Such as the name lines such as "Do not prepare in 40 seconds" or "Bals", or colonel Musca who is a popular figure even though it is a villainous character with a characteristic phrase / personality, since it has become an interesting work even if it is seen many times People please check it.

So on next Monday I will be absent from Labor Thanksgiving Day. Next TuesdayNovember 24. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on November 24th one year ago.

Arrested a 15-year-old girl who sent her own nude image to her classmate on cell phone at child porn - GIGAZINE

Slot game using face picture of real wanted burglar appeared - GIGAZINE

Photograph that remodeled Nissan's car to BMW very individually - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Santa "I will not stop Christmas" I'm worried about inflation - international(It seems that I swear that Christmas will not be canceled)

"Social AR" Enhanced Next Season "Sekai Camera" - Tomoda Showcases at Event - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, Twitter 'Tweets' added function such as air tag)

Princeton, an 8x Telephoto Lens Kit for iPhone - Mobile Phone Watch(Mobile, mini tripod is also included and estimated sales price is 3980 yen)

Google AdMob AdMob worth $ 750 million Advertisement for mobile digital consumer electronics - latest news: IT-PLUS(Price added to acquire business, Admob, a 3-year start-up company)

Mr. Natsuno 's Way of Deficit Dwango Talks "Nico Motor" to Plan a Surplus: Nikkei Business Online(Although it is possible to reduce profitability by reducing business and costs, we prioritize maintaining competitiveness)

Damages claims, "MS Japan Okama" operator, 3 companies including MS - INTERNET Watch(Court, claims for damages against men who sold 30,000 pirated software, amount undisclosed)

Business Media Makoto: Operation skill of top life insurance lady (1/2)(Insurance, "The biggest hurdle is to create a location with a company in charge", "to overcome the fear that can be refused" etc.)

The actual situation of Afghanistan's aid: Where does the huge amount disappears | WIRED VISION(International, millions of dollars of funds may have been sucked up by dissidents)

"Animation's Hall of Fame" Even callouts can be canceled ... Cultural Agency: Culture: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Anime, the budget which was 11.7 billion yen will be 200 million yen scale)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Philosophy Minister, Philosophy, willingness to extend to copyright protection period 70 years - Politics(Copyright, the Prime Minister said at the 70th anniversary party of JASRAC on 18th, "I'd like to promise to make the utmost effort to extend to 70 years since the (Association) is 70th anniversary"

"Sports bike, even a fine without forgotten ticket": Isa!(Traffic, standing not to fail to cut a ticket for fines subject to penalty if judged as bad)

Yumemi Tachi Salon: A town in Fukuoka is about to beat Johannesburg(The story, "the town mayor is shot dead while in the town mayor's office", "a town where the incumbent town chief was shot and wearing a bulletproof vest to the parliament" etc.)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): rape a girls junior high school student, sentenced to 68 years old as juvenile 6 years Kagoshima District Court ruling - society(Incident, a 12-year-old female junior high school student got pregnant, aborted, had signs of PTSD, received a diagnosis of dissociative disorder)

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: Please paste a copy paste that can feel gentle(Story, A wrote on "11" is cool)

A store that can buy professional-sized dishes is opened in Ginza (Excite Bit Connecter) | Excite News(Shopping, a concept shop "DIECI GINZA" handicrafted by a long-established Western-style western-style brand Narumi Soda Co., Ltd., which boasts over 60 years of history)

New establishment of "Kids Family Award" for voice actor award - accepting votes from children - Akiba economic newspaper(Anime, voice actor ranked in the top even in 'want to become professional ranking', becoming a longing for the children)

"An actress who suits student clothes" is a tear, Mao Inoue, Arigaki Yui in second place: movie news - if it is a movie eiga.com(Entertainment, 3rd place HORIKITA Maki · 4th ranked Nana Yokura and 20s actress followed by 5th place Shida future is the top in 10s)

Fuji New Year 's face "New Year' s Hakka Cup Competition" was broadcasted in 47 years and finished news - ORICON STYLE -(Look at the art of Makaaki (Sakai Masaaki, TV, Mr. Hakushi) as well)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Film "Mai Mai Shinko and the Mill of a Millennium" Kimitoshi Susuki Coaches Director - Manga + - Film, Music, Performing Arts(Film, animated movie set in Yamaguchi in the Showa 30s published from November 21)

Wave cannon from crotch!? "Iketaru pants of" Space Battleship Yamato "appears! - MovieWalker(Animation, boxer briefs written as "wave cannon" or "Yamato" in the middle are impacts enormous)

Recent elementary school students do not know cassette tapes Burping speed - VIP(AV, it was a hard medium to start songs)

Countermeasure against blanks in resume Working MonoNews: Life VIP craftsman blog www(Employment, there are difficult columns to fill with people)

"Shirt in" evolutionary form! "Popular high-waisted skirt" popular among women in the world - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(It is better to call it dress without shoulder straps rather than clothing, skirt)

Girls cartoonist Shinjo Mayu is looking for an assistant of Professor Welotha - 2 Summary R(Work, work in the photo is very stylish atmosphere)

"We should spend on advertising rather than raise the quality of the game" - Overseas survey results | Inside(Game, "60% of consumers who purchased games are making advertisements a step away")

VIPPER I: Wondering why name Warota store unintentionally(Memo, there are occasionally shops with names that remain in impact in the world)

81-year-old Australian male who went to buy a newspaper, lost his way 9-hour drive | spoken of the world | Reuters(Overseas, it seems confident in the sense of direction that "Car navigation device is not necessary because it is only lost")

Pro wrestling skill to enemies in a dream, "My wife died when I woke up" British male international news: AFPBB News(Overseas, I fought with young people who were making noise in the parking lot in a dream, and put a head lock on one of them)

Jeanne Claude died Death of a US artist - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(Famous for "wrapping", "wrapping" everything, such as buildings and sea surfaces, its activities are "Packing the Parliament Building"It is also becoming a documentary movie as)

Unique Spider 10 Selection: Image Gallery | WIRED VISION(Note, please do not look at people who are not good at insects)

Super cute in a collocolo! Three Tanuki "Pon" "Poco" "Lynn" talks about in Kichijoji - Tokyo Walker(In animals, animals and ornaments, there are many people who can not distinguish themselves from raccoons, which have no chance to see the real things easily even if they are seen)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Fiery cat raiders at the velodrome complaints a friendly group "disposition opposition" - a society(I studied the killing of animals and cats, but the animal protection group opposed, now I am looking for a foster but it is in a difficult direction)

How is the deodorant "for indoor" "for toilet" different? (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Memo, for toilet is specialized in ammonia and hydrogen sulfide countermeasures)

The 9th taste of rare creatures lurking in the sea!? | R25(Fish that became a model, an alien model)

Creative cuisine No. 17 match! With Yoshinoya Beef Bow Tie - BI @ K accelerated: hatena annex, bewaad.com(Experiment of combining foods, various foods other than white rice and beef bowls)

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