Divorce crisis on account of not being able to show the daytime dora


Speaking of noon dora, "Hawk croquette" became a topic in "Mother of pearls"(2002), and intense speech turning and sudden deployment became a boom"Peony and a rose"(2004), I think that many people think of love-hate drama. It seems there are couple who are crisis of divorce because they can not show this "daytime dora".

Divorce mediation has been carried out for four years, and the battle continues over the custody of the daughter still, and it seems that the couple's divorce play itself can become noon dora.

Details are from the following.
BBC NEWS | South Asia | Soap operas prompt India divorce

Indian woman divorces over husband's soap opera ban - Telegraph

According to this article India · Maharashtra StatePuneThe couple who lived in divorce got divorce mediation, but the reason is that they said that "My husband did not show my lad time to my wife." It seems that there are a lot of works depicting human patterns that are similar to those of Japan in India's daytime dora, especially among housewives.

Husband who did not feel comfortable wearing such daytime dora every time his wife is watching, prohibits his wife from seeing his noon. My wife who has been unable to put up with that thing applied for divorce and seems to have done divorce mediation for the next 4 years.

As a result of discussions over four years, divorce is established in the family court in August this year. The custody of the daughter who is six years old became his wife, and her husband got to meet her only two hours a week. However, the husband who is not convinced of this decision appealed to the High Court. The next deliberation is scheduled for November 23.

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