A pastor who tried to propose with a balloon and dropped a wedding ring in the sky

In the proposal to decide the marriage which becomes the big crossroads of life, I think that there are many people who think something that is memorable, but the male pastor who tried to propose in the sky on a balloon dropped the wedding ring that he had It seems there was an accident that it will end.

However, it seems that men challenged the proposal as it is even in the situation where the important thing disappeared.

Details are as below.
According to the article of USATODAY, 26-year-old pastor James Ng seems to hide a diamond ring in a camera bag and take a balloon to make a proposal. However, I slid my hand over the sky and dropped the bag and the ring faded into the forest about 150 meters below.

It was that James bought a new ring without saying anything at first, but Sonya Bostic who is the proposal opponent seems to have noticed what happened by looking at James. Ultimately, Mr. James made a proposal with one knee without a ring and Sonya accepted it.

In the movie of the link destination, you can see the appearance of James talking about happening.
Marriage proposal deflates as ring falls from hot-air balloon - USATODAY.com

Sonya accepting the proposal.

Mr. James who returned to the ground with the success of the proposal again searched the traveling route of the balloon on Google Maps and searched the forest for a week with a friend and it seems that it was possible to find the camera bag beautifully. Inside there is also a ring properly, both James and Sonya talk about God's given miracle.

The camera bag found was like this. It is certainly a miracle to find this bag from the wide forest.

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