Idea toothbrush "Brush & rinse" that I could use surprisingly conveniently on camping and traveling

For camping and traveling, we would like to keep baggage as little as possible. However, we can not remove the washroom. This toothbrush "Brush & rinse" is likely to be useful at such time. A slight contrivance has been made on the back of the brush, so you can rinse your mouth even without a cup.

Details and movies are from the following.BRUSH_AND_RINSE

as ifCold water machineAlthough water is out like it is, there is no water out of the toothbrush itself.

The real thing looks like this, normal toothbrush only.

The mechanism that water comes out is like this. Water passing through the back of the brush comes out like a fountain from the neck.

There is also an outlet for water at the handle portion of the brush. How you use it depends on the user.

When I gargle it, I feel like this

Play movie from here
YouTube - Brush & Rinse Toothbrush 1st Prototypes

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