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Oricon asked people in their teens to their 40s questionnaire about what they wanted to open 24 hours a day,It is the railway that is expected to be most twenty-four hoursIt is said that airports scheduled to open 24 hours by hub formation did not enter the top ten. After all, the life cycle of the train is influenced by the last train, so it seems that there are many people who think that they want to use it without being limited in time. Meanwhile, regarding the 24-hour airport, there were strict opinions such as "I would like you to think about changes in lifestyle and working environment rather than such things".

In addition, those who want to make the facility 24 hours a day, such as "government office" and "bank", are also ranked in the top three, and facilities that are closely related to everyday life want to use it without worrying about time You can see that many people are thinking.

So, tomorrowNovember 12. On November 12th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

The Japanese are not awakened when they sleep once, those who have woken up with kisses are the lowest in 17 countries - GIGAZINE

A woman paying the water bill for the next house for 16 years - GIGAZINE

The size of the face is about 43,000 square meters, what is the shocking mascot character "Tokotsuka Redevelopment Kun"? - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Hunter × Hunter series restart: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Note, the opinion that "it was already bound" is overwhelming, but even among them, even comments that "I am angry because it is overwhelmingly more interesting than others"

Business Media Makoto: Listen to Alasar and Alaphor, is there a missing Nani to decide on marriage?(Note, 7.0% who said "unexamined partner who seriously thinks" is unmarried men and women of Alasar and Alaphor)

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: 【Rent】 Select Property, Failed With Such Things Succeeded(Please check carefully in the living, the room as well as the surrounding environment)

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Ichibashi "I am a murderer ......?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(The incident, a person who accidentally posted a story like that just before arresting Ichibe was suspected ... ...)

[N] TOKYO DISNEY RESORT, can confirm waiting time of attraction from mobile website(Service and ticketing situation of Fast Pass can also be confirmed)

Ike no obsession swells ... What is a women's pajamas that fulfills the "man's desire"? - Tokyo Walker(Memo, "Akashi's Sanama's desire" comes better than "Man's desire")

Trump announces "Nice Cup in Bra" - Performing Arts - SANSPO.COM(Note, turning over the bra and turning it into putter mat)

【Coffee】 TV program 's favorite telop 【blown】 - NAVER Conclusion(To be ridiculous depending on how to capture even words with no mistake, such as "neta," perfect pervert "or" attention to morning ")

Kudo, the first time in 16 years to enter Seibu Jersey number is the same "47" - MSN Sankei News(Expecting how much Kudo who will celebrate the 29th baseball life this year with professional baseball will be able to play an active role in Lions who are old-fashioned)

Makoto Biz.ID: Do not hesitate to stop, hold on, you can understand! : Sandwich is the dish for men who is not good at cooking(Food, sandwiches are casual dish which is boldly crowded that boldly hangs over materials without worrying about the details)

Is there "front and back" in rice crackers ...? (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Food, basically there are some exceptions but there are some exceptions)

Belgium, the deadly poverty death | IBTimes (Ivy Times)(Overseas, it is also discovered that the Ghanaian beauty who I wanted to marry was a man)

What is dark rice secretly booming in the street? : My spi | Spiritual site to support all women who want to be happy(Food, arranged to arrange meals "Blind Restaurant" to eat in black darkness according to Japanese food culture)

How much 980 yen, awesome secret market of Beaujolais Nouveau Ion is a shocking one hand JBpress (Japan Business Press)(In addition to reducing the cost of containers by putting bottles into food bottles, logistics costs can be reduced by weight savings)

Saving gas! How to boil spaghetti by maigono83 [Cook pad] Easy delicious recipe for everyone is 600,000 items(Technique of being able to be boiled only with residual heat if food, boiling time is extended for a while)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Domestic soba big crop poisoning typhoons ... "Branches and leaves go out" - Society(Society, areas where the forecast of harvest volume is about half of the average year is continuing)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Database operation of rent payment history started from February 2010 - Society(In addition to the rent payment situation of society and residents, information that redeemed delinquent rent to landlord side is also registered)

Chunichi Newspaper: Mother arrested for boy killing In a hotel room in Nagoya: Society (CHUNICHI Web)(Society, I intended to imagine myself, there were also cuts in my abdomen)

Love begins with theory arming Buying high "goods" with less investment ~ Politics and economics of romance (2) JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Love, investment is necessary also for love affairs so that companies invest for profit)

SIGENSON releases AR gene kit | Life | My comic journal(Determine whether it will become thinned in the future by examining the repeat number of the base sequence in the AR (androgen receptor) gene of the X chromosome)

"Dorakue VI", decided on January 28, 2010 release! - Famitsu.com(Game, tomorrowSpecial siteWill be officially opened)

That's not a game like this! New technique of destroying the world view on "Kaze no Siren 4": Hachimama(Graphic, a graphic of a technique that could destroy the dungeon itself)

Apple and Google do not want to say, 10 shortcomings of smartphone (1/2) - ITmedia News(Mobile, "Battery exhaustion is fast" "Restriction by carrier", "Quality of touch screen", etc.)

Windows 7 share grows at 4% more rapidly than Vista - ITmedia News(Software, by the way Vista reached 4% share after about 5 months after release)

Blu-ray disc, DVD defeat greatly "There is only demand for fool sticking to video and audio" Cana speed(AV, the number of titles has not increased compared to 1,500 titles and DVDs in 3 years)

Shanghai Disney Plan Nightmare to locals (1 / 2pages) - MSN Sankei News(Notes, local people who are required to evict evacuation for land construction)

SANYO, "eneloop stick booster" that can charge mobile phones with 2 eneloops of AA - Home appliances Watch(Hardware, there is no function to charge eneloop stored in the main unit)

MS, "Windows 7" Transition Support Tools Canceled Distribution: News - CNET Japan(Because it received an indication that software and open source code will lead to inappropriate use)

Google announces open source programming language "Go": News Clip - CNET Japan(It has both performance and safety like memo, development speed when working in dynamic language and compiler type language)

Signs of "mask bubble" arrival again? The number of successful bids of "mask" "disinfection" related products is rapidly increasing at the net auction | Trend news |(Memo, the number of sales has increased dramatically as the H1N1 influenza begins to rage again again)

Ichiro, the 9th consecutive Gold Grab Award US Large League NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(MLB, supplementation and defense ratio were second worse in 9 years, but gained high evaluation)

Including new vaccine, pregnant women and "one time" twice inoculation with no additional effect - 47 NEWS (Yona no Toshi news)(Health, validated in clinical experiments conducted for 200 healthy adults from the middle of September)

Gon continued to continue working ... Fortunately out of fight: Football: Sports: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Football, calls to ask stock of gomuggs are also unchallenged)

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