A boy who drifted on ice with three polar bears will be rescued in two days

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There was a case that a boy who was hunting with his uncle was mistakenly left behind on ice that broke with three polar bears. My uncle was rescued the next morning, but the boy seems to have been rescued for two days on the same ice as a bear. The boy was hypothermia, but he said he was injured.

Details are as below.
STeenage boy trapped on floating piece of ice with polar bears - Telegraph

The incident occurred in the northern part of CanadaNunavut Territory. "A 67-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy went hunting and it was on Saturday that there was no way to go," said Ed Zebedai.

The snowmobiles that they were on were broken by a small village in Southampton Island on the north side of Hudson Bay, 11 miles from the town of Coral Harbor, and they went to the village to seek help But it seems that I got separated from you on the way. My uncle was rescued by the search party who came to search for the next morning snowmobile, but it seems that the boy was not found drifting because he had broken a large amount of large ice. During this drifting, the boy said he was with the three polar bears (parents and two big children) on the same ice. Zebedai said: "In order to protect ourselves he was forced to shoot a bear (a bear), but since then bears did not want to approach him, he did not shoot bears anymore It is done. "

On Sunday afternoon, small aircraft found a boy drifting with a bear. However, at this time I could not help it, the crew of a small aircraft dropped a container with a chocolate bar and candy in the boy and flew away.

A boy standing on ice floes. Certainly, I can not do anything in this situation.

Monday military aircraft rescued the boy safely, the boy was helped up seems to be 20 miles away (about 32 km) from where snowmobile first failed. The boy was hypothermia, but there were no injuries in particular and soonManitobaIt was transported to the Churchill hospital.

Just saying that drifting on ice for 2 days is enough but there is polar bear on the ice, it is safe and what is more than anything.

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