Animal hazards Various signs of caution

There are unusual signs that can only be seen at the zoo, and the moment I saw it was something I do not know but it is a sign that is careful as "animal danger!" Anyway. It is surprised by the habit of unique animals and the notes and animals' gaps written on the signs.

Details are as below. Is it that the cow falls? surely,The cow threw himself from the cliffI had the news that ....

"Splatter zone". Hippo has a habit of spreading with a tail at the time of hunting to indicate tenacia, so it will be hard to approach a carelessly.

A sign of "crocodile risk". It represents a place where human beings are trying to escape, but it seems to be a somewhat lamented "oh no!" Somewhat.

"Watchdog warning". However, I think that there are times when I want to go to bed slowly even with a dog.

I have destroyed the signboard "Do not give food". Was it bad enough to mind?

There are still many more pictures here.
Animal Warning Signs

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