"Solar Death Ray" replacing old television with a magnifying glass and burning iPod with sunlight

Solar light being used as various energy sources using solar panels etc. The amount of energy is substantial, and it seems that iPod can also burn if it gathers well.

In the movie, sun rays are applied to several things besides the iPod, and the result is a visual result that the doll melts in the muddy or the remote control becomes a black object.

Details are as below.
This is "Solar Death Ray" made using parts of the old projection television.
YouTube - Solar Death Ray vs. iPod

During the experiment, wear goggles to protect your eyes.

The one that was sacrificed was remote control.

The remote control which took a light of Solar · Death · Lei is a miserable figure.

A soldier's doll.

It melts in the heat with the heat.

In the end iPod appeared.

An iPod that gets smeared while smoking. In the movie, screaming sound effect is attached, and a painful atmosphere has come out.

In the end it looks like this. The doll has become like a bubble slime.

Kip Kedersha who made this solar · death · Lei has also released various "invented items" on YouTube.

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