That US Department of Defense challenges net users and finds all the balloons a $ 40,000 prize

SNS "A-Space" for information staff of CIA and FBI will be establishedPublic organizations in the United States are considerably emphasizing the power of the Internet, but the US Department of Defense research institution DARPA (National Defense Advanced Research Projects Bureau) celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Internet and uses a bit of the Internet It seems that they are setting up a game

Details are below.
DARPA Network Challenge

This DARPA Network Challenge is for "to study the role of the Internet and social networking for real-time communication, team formation, emergency mobilization, essential for problems that require broad and rapid solution."

The rules of the game are simple. To those who answered all the latitude and longitude of the ten balloons fried somewhere in the mainland of America at the very beginning only from 10 o'clock (Eastern Standard Time) on December 5 th to 4 pm (local time) in the evening A prize of 40,000 dollars (about 3.6 million yen) will be awarded.

Balloons can be easily accessed by anyone and they will be fried in places that can be seen from nearby roads, but there are no other hints. in short"Someone on the Internet will write a blog about the balloon or post a video so you can search them thoroughly and figure out the placeIt seems to be said that. The deadline is until December 14, so the time given is only 10 days. It seems that we need a quite skillful search skill.

This is an actual balloon. It is said that there is a staff member by the side. For the latest informationTwitterIt is uploaded one by one on the above.

Around 2004 "Alternative reality game"Has become popular, even in Japan"I will challenge you on VIPPER."Or"AI / HAAlthough it was done, etc somewhat similar atmosphere to them.

Participation is age sex distinction nationality is incomprehensibleParticipants may be inquired about methods from DARPA"about it.

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