A 31-year sentence sentencing to a man who threw his excluder to a lawyer or a jury in court

There are many trials in the United States so that it is called "litigation powerhouse" in the United States, but there seems to be an incident in which defendant rubbed and threw his excrement to lawyers and juries in court.

In Japan this May 21st of this yearJudge systemHas been enforced and ordinary people also participate as judges, will defendants who throw excluded things to the judges appear in the future like this in the future?

Details are from the following.
Man Who Threw Feces During Trial Sentenced - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego

Weusi McGowan, Criminal Who Smeared Lawyer with Feces, Sentenced to 31 Years - Weusi McGowan - Zimbio

According to these articles, Weusi McGowan (38 years old) living in San Diego, California, USA, was accused of robbery and was tried, and the first day of the trial has ended without acceptance of Weusi's defendant .

Three days later, Weusi responded again by hiding a plastic bag containing his waste in his underwear. As soon as the court began, he grinned that he threw the excreted secret to the lawyer 's face and hair, and threw the rest towards the jury. Fortunately the jury did not hit the excrement himself, but he seems to hit documents, bags, etc. and it is no longer usable. The jury then decided to leave soon and the trial was delayed.

This person is Weusi McGowan defendant

Finally, the crime of throwing excretion into the crime of robbery was added, and it seems that he was ordered to imprisonment of imprisonment for 31 years 4 months. In addition, he ordered payment order of 129 dollars (about 12,000 yen) for bags with waste clinging.

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