NTT docomo announces au's "Gangan Mail" counter plan "E-mail using HOODAY"

At the 2009 au autumn / winter model presentation by KDDI on October 19,An innovative new plan "sending and receiving e-mails free of charge regardless of the size of the destination and attached files with 1095 yen / month" Gangan Mail "Announced that it will start from November 9, NTT DoCoMo announced the opposing plan "E-mail using houdai".

AlreadySOFTBANK MOBILE announces a competing plan on October 23However, like SoftBank Mobile, it is regrettable that NTT DoCoMo's competing plan does not completely follow au.

Details are as below.
Press release announcement: Start of offering a new price plan that i-mode mail is available for free | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

According to this release, NTT DoCoMo will only pay monthly the monthly sum of 1095 yen i-mode additional fee monthly charge fee plan "Type Simple TM (Value)" with a basic fee of 780 yen newly added, It is said that starting from December 1, "E-mail using HOOD DAY" will become unlimited as well as sending and receiving e-mails to other mobile phones and so on.

This is the price plan of "e-mail using houdai". As packet flat-rate service is packaged, packet communication other than e-mail can be used at a fixed price, such as i-mode communication being available at a maximum of 4410 yen.

Price image drawing. The maximum limit when using the full browser is 5985 yen.

Similar to SOFTBANK MOBILE, calls with 3 users specified by 390 yen per month are free of charge for 24 hours although they are the same conditions as the "Gangan Mail"Specified call fixed amountIt is a pity that I can not deny the feeling that it is an inadequate plan that does not have a fixed call charge because it does not follow up.

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