The most expensive British flag in the world of about 58 million yen

The British flag is also called "Union Jack" and it contains the meaning "a flag indicating the nationality of the ship", but it seems that a certain British flag has been worth about 58 million yen.

It is said that having such a high price is a historical value, but when is it the flag that was raised?

Details are from the following.
Only surviving Union Jack from Battle of Trafalgar sells for a record-breaking £ 384,000 | Mail Online

This is the most expensive British flag in the world.

This British flag, in 1805Admiral NelsonThe British navy led by the Emperor of France at the timeNapoleon BonaparteHe defended the control over the sea fromBattle of TrafalgarIt was said that it was presented to James Clephan lieutenant who was raised when he won the game and was active in the battle.

It is said that when this descendant of Lieutenant Clephan moved to Australia this time, it was decided to auction the flag which has been handed down from generation to generation. Although it was expected that it will be awarded at about 10,000 pounds (about 1.5 million yen) at the beginning, when an auction actually starts, a ridiculous number of bids gather, ultimately an anonymous bidder is 320,000 It is said that it was purchased at 384,000 pounds (about 58 million yen) together with the successful bid at the pound (approx. 48 million yen) and the commission.

Actually spreading is quite large. The size is 11 feet (about 3.3 meters) in length, 7 feet in width (about 2.1 meters)

Incidentally, on October 21 where auction was held, it seems that it was the date when Trafalgar's battle took place.

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