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A questionnaire survey conducted by Iris Oyama before "Dog Day" on November 1 "Dog's name ranking 2009"According to the number of valid responses 2591, the most common name of dogs is" peach ", which is said to have achieved 1st place for 3 consecutive years. 2nd place "Chocolate" 3rd place "Maron" followed by a name reflecting the coat color, besides the top 30 there are many delicious names such as "cocoa" "mocha" "azuki" "purine" "walnut" I am ranked in. Especially in the puppy division under 1 year old, "chocolate" is ranked first, and the name like sweet candy seems to be the recent naming trend.

So, tomorrowOctober 21. On October 21, one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Various images of the sun's powerful things - GIGAZINE

Horses whose face is caught in a crack in the tree and are looking like Pooh - GIGAZINE

The most creative time of the day and the idea's time to come up is 22:04 - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news."6 questions on science fiction film not being solved" | WIRED VISION(To make a movie, a work usually comes up with a strange part if you consider it normal)

Solid Alliance, bolt and banana shaped earphone - AV Watch(Hardware, product name is "crazy earphone")

More convenience stores where elementary and junior high school students go best are using holidays "Seven - Eleven" more than half MarkeZine (Marketzin)(Memo, more than 30% of children use convenience stores once a week)

Window Forever - 【Today's favorite】 "Influenza countermeasure temperature record table" v1.0 in the record of symptoms suspected influenza(Excel sheet that lets you record software, temperature graphs and symptoms)

"A normal job seems to be stupid" Waseda OB stock game: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Economy, you can raise profit of 10 million yen a day by market maneuvering)

Fujiwara Tatsuya, "Kaiji" cup wonderfully making 120,000 yen getting news - job change · dispatch · career's Oricon ranking(Note, Tatsuya Fujiwara who served as a role of kaiji in a live-action version movie plays a betting ticket)

"It is an impression of an individual and it does not promise the efficacy of the product" is prohibited by law: Nikkei Business Online(Advertisements and copywriters have to write a script that "You can clearly understand that you are playing a given script")

Kan's Prime Minister Tobacco tax "in line with the West" - MSN Sankei News(Social change, government change "tobacco thousand yen" has become real)

Ultraman: Seven, with Bartan stella people and recording "Father" produced X Mass Album (Eitanbu) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Special effects, Ultraman is "Schwatch" Bulletin person is singing "Folfo" and Ultra's father disabled in the secondary adjustment room)

A Nobel Prize-winning writer, criticizing the Bible as "bad moral handbook" International news: AFPBB News(Culture, in the past also José who controversialized in the book "The Gospel According to to Jesus Christ" with content that Jesus intercourages with Mary Magdalene's Maria and loses virginity and is used by God to rule the world " · Mr. Salamago)

Soseki's autograph "My cat" Death notice postcard released - MSN Sankei News(Culture, postcards that conveyed the death of a domestic cat that is considered as a model of "I am a cat" to his disciple)

Gundam in Odaiba, temporarily returned to Thailand - Exhibition at the 30th anniversary event - Bangkok economic newspaper(Anime, actually the real size Gundam produced at the FRP factory in Thailand, temporarily returning only to the upper body)

Percussion Synthesizer "KORG WAVEDRUM": Gadget Samurai - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(It seems pretty fun to become a gadget, stress relief)

It is not an iPhone ... I caught the topic's China Mobile "OPhone" - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Will not it be possible to sell mobile, Phillips mobile etc in Japan)

"Art of Samurai" exhibition photographs in New York photograph 19 pictures International News: AFPBB News(Overseas, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art display swords and Arrowheads including 34 national treasures)

Australian Burglar, Hill Acknowledges Used DNA Appraisal | Abstracts of the World | Reuters(Overseas, Hill was sucking blood at the incident site)

Kobe Newspaper | Incidents / Accidents | Nagata Takes a misunderstanding and arrests on escape by mistake of father and second son(I mistook the incident, a 50 - year - old man and the 27 - year - old son, the second son was driving without license)

How was Google's founding founder a superior first-class genius from all over the world? | Blogs.com(Note, approach "students of genius" who are engaged in fundamental research of computer science around the world, approach "I want you to talk about your research and send first round trip ticket)

Arrested former NASA scientist for spying charges, FBI undercover search | global speech | Reuters(Overseas, charges of trying to sell confidential information to Israel)

Poverty rate: Japan 15.7% High level that stands out in developed countries - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Percentage of people less than half that of economic and annual income distribution "Relative poverty rate")

North American movie box office revenue = movie version of masterpiece picture book first appearance first place: movie news - if movie eiga.com(Film, the place where Kaiju is scheduled to be released in January 2010 is ranked first, whether Halloween reflects before Horror movie "Paranormal Activity" ranked third)

"YouTube" for the first time, concerts are broadcast live in 16 countries | WIRED VISION(It will be launched worldwide on U2's concert in Los Angeles, Netherlands will start at 13:30 on October 26th)

E · Prestige hair, predicted better than 1,660,000 yen awarded | Global speech | Reuters(Overseas, Presley was supposed to be cut when entering the army in 1958, the former owner is the president of the fan club)

Mr. Bic Midie death rice rice Composer - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)(Suicide, composer of the theme song of "Adams Family" everyone has heard at one timeVic MizzyMr)

Why increasing "special glasses" for driving, for golf ... What is different? - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Note, it certainly seems that the required specifications differ when you look at the computer monitor and when driving a car)

My father's "Uru hair" children surprisingly mind: J-CAST News(It may be worrisome in the sense that "20 years later ... ..." rather than "memo," "father is cool")

Evolution of the ingredient minor role "ingredients" coloring the eleventh ramen | R25(Food, recently I have not seen Naruto clearly)

Suntory, selling blue roses from November 3 - MSN Sankei News(I think that if you are asked what color it is, even if you say that it contains nearly 100% of blue pigment in petals by introducing the blue gene of plant and bungee into rose, it is murasaki)

80% of university freshman students "Union is not dull": J-CAST News(Society, is it a boom-like flow of "crab yacht" a few years ago)

How to take a beautiful photo with backlit? (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Backlit is not that scary if you take advantage of photos, lens performance and techniques)

Girls' emotion! Present pleased with less than 5000 yen | nanapi [Nanapi](Memo, those who give you are also not "worried" gift list may be surprisingly useful)

Link to individual recipe of COOKPAD is prohibited: Rokesuta president's diary(Net,Top pageIt seems you have to link to)

Do you take information volume or design? - Make a cover of a manga magazine compare - Magogama rice(It may be a case that cartoon, a part of sales of monthly manga magazine is "I bought it mistakenly as a weekly publication" case)

Nearly daily Itoi newspaper - zero work.(Mass Communication, 'Ametoku' Producer Mr. Kosuji Kozo and Mr. Shigesato Itoi interview)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Follow Lake Biwa canal to Kyoto(Tourism, Nanzenji and philosophy roads are touristized but the Shiga prefecture side does not have a chance to see it easily) Lake Biwa canal

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