Dolphins playing jellyfish as ball

A British oceanographer seems to have found a figure of a dolphin playing in jellyfish as a ball in the Cardigan Bay near Wales and succeeded in putting it in the film. The dolphins use their tails and they are successfully launching jellyfish onto the water, and it seems like they are doing football as well.

Details are as below.
Dolphins filmed playing football using a jellyfish | Mail Online

YouTube - Dolphin Football - dolphins toss jellyfish sky high!

Dive under the jellyfish ... ...

Launch it with a tail.

This picture was taken in the west of Wales, Cardigan Bay. Marine biologist Jonathan Easter (23) seems to have been watching the dolphins jumping up high jellyfish surprisingly. "It is certain that dolphin enjoys this play.I dolphin jumps right under jellyfish and just tries with the tail and it is launching to the water.It seems that it can not be a necessity, but when you hit it perfectly The jellyfish seems to be jumping literally.The research team has been investigating dolphins near Wales for a long time but this time we are doing more than we expected, but this behavior of dolphins has not been confirmed so far , I have more questions than the answer I've gotten. "

Some dolphins may jump jellyfish by six feet (about 1.8 m), probably this kind of play has been done for millions of years, and dolphins play well in the aquarium show It is thought that there is a reason in this area that is doing.

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