"Falls of a toilet bowl" with a height of 5 meters and a width of 100 meters or more

I think that the image that the waterfall is generally in full of nature when it is heard is strong, but in China it seems that the waterfalls made of toilet bowls are in the city.

Although I do not receive a beautiful impression even if I heard "toilet waterfall", what kind of thing is it?

Details are from the following.
Mamoru Okabe Arts and Crafts 朮墻 "Horse Tank Fall Falls", Scene 很好 很大 大 _ 网易 房 Industry ___ 1

According to this article, China and Guangdong ProvinceYobayamaAccording to the pottery festival "pottery clause" which has been held from October 18th, a waterfall made of a toilet bowl of toilet waterfall was installed in Ishiwa Park.

The size of the horse-drawn waterfall is 5 meters high and 100 meters wide or more, and all the toilet bowls used are ordered from domestic and overseas, all of which are unnecessary, the number of which will reach tens of thousands about. Production started from two months ago and it seems that attention has gathered from before the completion.

This is the waterfall of the toilet bowl "Ma Bucut Waterfall"

You can see that it is quite big when looking at it.

When water flows, the splash of splashed flying with steps of the toilet bowl.

Full of one-sided toilet.

Scenery under construction.

It seems that there are parts made of washstands as well as toilet bowls

Splashes are amazing.

It seems that the story that the stone bay park is making permanent exhibits of horse-bucket waterfall is also raised.

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