Available in the bath, high quality au mobile phone with waterproof function "BRAVIA PHONE U1" haste photo review

Equipped with the industry's highest level 12 million pixel camera"EXILIM mobile CA003"and"AQUOS SHOT SH003"Followed by a photo review of Sony Ericsson's mobile phone" BRAVIA PHONE U1 "that appeared as au's 2009 Fall & Winter model.

It adopts the high image quality technology cultivated by Sony's LCD TV "BRAVIA", supports the "going out transfer" that transfers the videos recorded by Sony's Blu-ray recorder, and is also available in the bath It combines waterproof function.

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This is "BRAVIA PHONE U1". Three kinds of color variation

Where opened

back. The camera is a 5.14 megapixel autofocus camera that supports camera shake compensation

right side. There are camera shutter buttons and power connector

There is no kind of button on the left side

When you flip the screen, it switches to the menu screen for selecting functions such as 1 Seg and camera

It also supports waterproof function equivalent to IPX5 / IPX7. You can use it in various scenes anywhere, such as a bathroom and a kitchen

BRAVIA® Phone U1 | Mobile Phone | KDDI CORPORATION

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