A movie of a drunk man drowning since the morning surveillance camera captured

A man who is drunk and dangerous to be alone is a movie trying to shop at a certain convenience store. I am worried about whether I can come home alone as it is, even in a state where I can not even stand up properly.

This movie was taken before 11 o'clock in the morning, perhaps it may have continued drinking from the night before.

Movie playback is from below
Worst Shopping Run Ever? Video

A male comes to a convenience store.

The feet are fluffy and it seems to be quite drunk.

A man who appeared in a drink corner. I reach out to the handle ... ...

I could not grasp the handle well, broke the balance and overturned the back shelf.

A man who managed to recover a drink somehow.

Next time, I fall over the floor.

A man who can not stand upright.

I can not stand any way and continue to struggle.

A man with a red shirt who noticed the man is calling out.

People gathered.

It seems that you stood up safely. The appearance that a man with a red shirt can not look at worry.

I will try to leave the store as it is ... ...

I also broke the balance and it fell down.

A male with a white shirt came after noticing the sound of collapse, but I go somewhere as much as to say "do it selfishly."

Was it possible for the man to return home safely after this?

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