About 4 years history, the blog search service "Technorati Japan" ends on October 23 at 12 o'clock

We specialized in blogs scattered here and there, offering a service to search articles of those blogs "TechnoratiAs its Japanese versionOperated from 30th May 2005It had been"Technorati JapanIt will be finished at 12 o'clock on Friday, October 23, 2009.

Details are as below.
Technorati Japan Service Termination Notice (Technorati Japan Blog (Technorati Japan Blog))

Notice of termination of Technobarati Japan (Hyorans) and Technorati Japan Blog (Technorati Japan Blog)

About transition of account due to Technorati Japan's termination (Technorati Japan Blog (Technorati Japan Blog))

According to Technorati Japan's official blog, it is written as follows.

DailyTechnorati JapanThank you very much for using our service. We decided to terminate all the services of Technorati Japan with 12:00 on Friday, October 23, 2009. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and our members for your inconvenience and thank you very much for your continued patronage to all of our management team.

Technorati Japan has been aiming to monetize blogs with bloggers, contributing to the Japanese blogging world since the start of domestic service, but with the change of the business policy of the US technorati company, the Japanese system Due to difficulties in continuing development and support, we decided to stop all services of this Technorati Japan.

For deletion and migration of account regarding termination of service,About transfer of account accompanying Technorati Japan's service terminationPlease refer to the.

Please continue your favors understanding kindly.

< 停止サービス >

Speaking of Technorati Japan, we offer blog ranking based on the number of links pasted in the last 6 months.

Technorati: Blog ranking (number of links)

Incidentally, as of July 26, 2006, GIGAZINE ranked fifth, and ranked fourth from first place was as follows.

No. 4: The story of only Makoto Kako 's career powered by cocolog

No. 3: Akiba Blog (Akihabara blog)

No. 2: Shokotan ☆ Blog

No. 1: Do your best, Mr. Shiraishi of co-op!

I thought that it would be impossible for us to exceed this ranking team in the past, so I felt the day when GIGAZINE ranked first. Because the thing like a blog is not a special thing, it is already in the condition that it is commonplace, so I feel the end of one era. "ReadMe! JAPANWhen I lost, I felt the end of the text site and personal news site, but I feel the same way.

Everyone in the Japanese version of the staff, it was a great job.

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