Mos Burger's self-confident "Honeyburgh Sandwich Cheese" Tasting Review titled "This is Japanese cheese" Review

"This is Japanese cheese."With the bold catchphrase" Mos Burger "began selling" Honorable Hamburger Sandwich "from October 14th. This is a burger using patty of domestic cattle 100%, and it was released beforeMoss Burger's "Honorable Hamburger Sand"A cheese version of something to say. To be honest, I was worried because the previous burger was a bit pressed down, but it was a good item to dismiss that kind of thing.

Review from below.
Arrived at Mos Burger.

It seems to be a commodity that pushes quite well at the shop.

We use domestic 100% meat and cheese from Hokkaido.

I have been told that "You do not know the Japanese cheese yet". It is impossible for me to keep silent if I say so far.

Den and appeared, the two arranged side by side were "Honorable Hamburger Sando Cheese" (390 yen), the lower two were "exceptional hamburger sandwiches and mushrooms" (420 yen).

Something is broken and can not be seen well ....

Apparently it seems that cheese is biased by weight.

Mushrooms and root vegetables Saute maintain some shape.

It seems that I have plenty of equipment.

It is slightly disappointing to the appearance which is crushed, but the taste is not related to the appearance. By eating never, it turned out that all of this white sauce-like thing was melted cheese all by one. The "exceptionally hamburger sand cheese" was a very simple burger composed only of buns, patties, cheese, and onions. If you lift it obliquely, the cheese of the mushrooms will spill behind but if you eat it well on the buns it is okay. Sometimes I chose Gouda cheese instead of just natural cheese, and it was a burger whose completeness was very high although there were few kinds of ingredients. It seems easy to eat when the cheese is a little hardened, but it is delicious because it is a trout, it is quite a difficult place.

Meanwhile, "Mushrooms and Root vegetables saute & cheese" also used almost the same material, which was not bad, but of course it felt that the balance was destroyed by increasing the ingredients.

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