Jeans is the cheapest 690 yen in the industry, Don Quijote launches private brand "passion price"

In March this year UNIQLO affiliate low-priced line brand "G.u. (gu)」Released a jeans of 990 yen is memorable but memorable, Don Quijote is a new private brand launched today from"Passion price"We released a very low price jeans of 690 yen.

By implementing it in-house until planning, production, logistics and sales, I realized that the price of 690 yen was realized without truncating the commitment part.

Details are as below.
Passion price

According to Don Quijote's private brand "Passionate Price" site, it seems that he started selling jeans of 690 yen from today.

690 jeans There are two kinds of jeans, straight and loose fit, both for men. The color is a lineup of navy and black, the waist size is 76 to 91 cm, the inseam size is 76, 83 cm, it is two kinds.

This is a straight type. The weight is 12.5 oz (about 350 g) and the material is 100% cotton slab denim.

Loose fit. Fasteners made by famous manufacturers are adopted for fastener parts that are used frequently.

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