Demonstration demonstration "TransferJet compatible mobile phone" capable of high-speed transfer at a maximum speed of 560 Mbps by touching

A new close proximity wireless transfer technology "TransferJet" capable of transferring at 560 Mbps exceeding the maximum speed of 480 Mbps of USB 2.0, IC card like SUICA or PITAPA like using it, if used with the touch feeling, immediately It is becoming a feeling that the data is transferred.

As you can see, as you can see from this TransferJet, I can see that it seems to be fairly fast, but what happens when I actually transfer it? So, this time "CEATEC JAPAN 2009"And KDDI"Transfer Jet compatible mobile phoneSince I was sending a movie, I tried shooting a movie while transferring data.

Details are as below.
About exhibiting at "CEATEC JAPAN 2009" | 2009 | KDDI CORPORATION

Description of "TransferJet compatible mobile phone". Easy transfer by touch, recognition of the other party at a distance of several cm, the maximum speed is 560 Mbps.

This is "Mobile compatible with TransferJet"

This demo is to obtain movie data from posters.

Just touch here to complete the transfer. It may be that the day that embeds "TransferJet" is not the QR code from now on the poster of the street corner.

Let's touch it

Then it looks like the following movie.

YouTube - TransferJet compatible mobile phone

In fact, transfer of the movie file has started since the application for "TransferJet" transfer started, but once the application starts up, it is a blink of a movie for mobile phones.

I feel like I can do more various things, but the timing of commercialization and commercialization is still undecided.

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