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A questionnaire about 555 men and women in their 20s to 40s "a boss with opposite sex with a boss of the same sex, who is more likely to work?There are many people who answer "homosexuality" more than "opposite sex" in men and "opposite sex" rather than "same sex" in femalesIt seems that it became obvious. Moreover, it is understood that those who care about the sex of the boss have a tendency to care about the gender of their subordinates.

However, almost half of the respondents said that "neither will change", and those who adhere to the boss's gender seem to be relatively few opinions.

So, tomorrowOctober 6. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on October 6, one year ago.

Machine that turns cheap wine into vintage wine in 30 minutes - GIGAZINE

Malaysian couple who received a cessation of smoking died - GIGAZINE

What will happen if you add additional electric fences? - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
What kind of thing can not forgive even in handsome? [Style Walker interlocking project] | Trend news | Deliver daily information on topics and topics!(Renai, "But it's not just a handsome" but "Is it handy for a handsome" What is it?

【(Generation-specific) Number of people who attended】 More than 70% of men in their teens are experienced acquaintances with ants. | Sgororen(Love, a man who was unable to make a lover in his teens tends to be unable to make a lover even in his twenties)

【(Generation-dependent) Number of people who entered】 About 80% of women in their teens are experienced acquaintances with ants. | Otome Goren(Love affair, more than 5% more than men, even more in 20's)

From color love to sexually transmitted diseases? Crazy entertainer to the host - Men's chiso(It seems that "S" which became famous for entertainment, foolish talent also seems to go through, but it seems that the head is pretty crisp)

Shimada Shinsuke 's stupidity was a fact! Exposure "All giants revealed" I got angry with a little bit "- Gadget communication(Entertainment, just rumors turn out to be true in the all-giant's blog)

Shinji Nojima was a stalker? A person who knows all of Noriko Sakai publishes an exposure book! - daily Saizo(Entertainment seems to be written that things that had not been told so far, such as the truth of former manager suicide and contacting two big female entertainers just before arresting)

Melancholy of Rolimangha Publishing - Which is it, tomorrow? It is! ~ - Maggot rice(Manga, many of the writers' postwriting are meaningful)

New genre "Female Sashimen": 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Animation, Kanokon OVA mainstream preorder broadcast is outrageous)

【Yajima Watch】 Person who puts perfume on DS to enjoy "Love Plus" more - INTERNET Watch(Game, people who seek reality from fragrance to play more realistically)

Justice and Belief Problems in "ONE PIECE" - on the ground(Analysis that manga, Luffy acts not based on justice but acting on his own belief)

Koji Yoshikawa transforms! Unprecedented Skull Rider (Performing Arts) - Sponichi Annex News(Transformed into "Masked Rider Skull" with special effects, skull as a motif)

That "Menhead Tofu Cream Bread" reappears for a limited time! - Tokyo Walker(In addition to food, cream bread "Tofu shop Johnny Roll blown in the wind" "Masae Tofu shop steamed bread" also appeared)

"Men's Sweet Department" jointly developed "The ideal pudding of man" News - Gourmet theme Oricon ranking(Food, male target sweets site "Men's sweets department" and Morinaga milk work collaborate and "Man really likes pudding")

Now that the great depression, workers need "crisis management of the heart"! - [Stress] All About(Opportunities such as casual conversation, cooperation, refreshing, change of ideas, etc. became less because the number of work styles silently performed individually by health and progress of IT conversion in the workplace increased)

How to use a pub to improve lifestyle diseases - [Recipient diet / diet therapy] All About(Healthy, Izakaya also has many healthy menus)

Sound quality, usability? Bluetooth, thorough verification of noise canceling headphones - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Evaluate each device by hardware, sound quality and feeling of use)

Business Media Makoto: How much money do you want now?(Memo, the amount of reality is the highest)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): The cause of death of Mr. Nakagawa, abnormality of cardiovascular system - Society(Politics, there are no noticeable trauma to the body, it is said that there is no possibility of being involved in the incident)

"Male enjoys life" Stroke and angina pectoris hardly occur: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Science, it seems that there was no clear difference in women)

Osaka 19 years old Unknown: According to acquaintance, dead body to the sea bottom drum Fukui - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(When he was arrested on a case, escape accident / theft crime, he insisted that he purposed the body from the bridge in Fukui prefecture when pursuing about a 19-year-old boy)

Residents' voting rights over 16 years old Osaka · Izumi City, second nationwide ordinance review (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Politics, "Opposition Opinions say that it may lead to neglect of parliament")

Japan's "wealth index" ranked No. 10 in the world Top Norway, China ranked 92nd - MSN Sankei News(Society, the index itself exceeded the previous survey, but it will result in lowering the ranking relatively)

This is the consumption behavior of the Chinese Moral income, one point luxuryism, savings while borrowing JBpress (Japan Business Press)(There are few people who know income other than economy and salary income called "negative income")

Numbo's bra - taking off in case of emergency - Ignorance awards: News - CNET Japan(Overseas, wearing figure is pretty comical)

Sunday's history exploration: What is a highly educated working poor - ITmedia Enterprise(As a result of increased production of society and graduate students, we continue to produce people who can not get a job at a rate that seems to be abnormal though highly educated)

"Japan's" Kawaii "is also popular overseas" 13 million copies of posted photos, until "Poupe girl" is made - ITmedia News(Internet service, "Phoupe girl" is a community site that can customize avatars called "Phoupe" cute and 35% of the whole overseas users)

Go software, will you break human beings in ten years? (1 / 2pages) - MSN Sankei News(Memo, "Monte Carlo method" which makes a way of thinking closer to humans "Adding reading of a few hands after judging the size of aspect on board" is the secret of strength)

Geek's page: Reason why you can not get your real name on the net(Net, Real Name Anonymous Discussion)

"Zashiki Warashi" well-established inns Ryokan Flaming ... guests safe: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(There was a case during "Sophora (Enji)" which is known nationwide as the case, "Izashiki Irashi" comes out)

Awesome bastard seen in Bare fast job hunting activities(Employment, relatives appeal, people who have dropped more than 150 companies, etc.)

JQuery which Microsoft also began distributing, to greatly improve performance and mobile correspondence in future versions - Publickey(Since it uses scripts and CDN, it is high speed)

Sakura Internet's 'own self' strategy to realize low price service - INTERNET Watch(Server, behind the scenes that won 200 thousand members in 5 years)

A huge shopping center sunset As it is, the former bowling alley 's dance or JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Business, the reality that it is leaning gradually)

Classroom teacher's clothes in jerseys and jeans "This is OK": J-CAST News(There are also people who think that it is rational because it often becomes dirty with snow, chalk powder, and takes a big move)

Is the color that is really healed blue? : My spi | Spiritual site to support all women who want to be happy(Note, blue has not only the healing effect but also the effect of sharpening the spiritual sense)

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