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Broadcasting started in NHK in 1993 and the popular anime which celebrates 17 years this year "Nintama Rantaro"In 2010"Musical Nintama Rantaro"It became clear that it was set as a stage. Tokyo Dome City · Theater G Rosso is scheduled for 16 performances from 13th to 24th January 2010, cast and staff etc are undecided.

Originally the theatrical population has many women, "Prince of Tennis" or "Sengoku BasaraAlthough it seems that in the musicalization of animation / game recently, it seems that it often targets big sister such as "Ninja Tama Rantaro" follows this route, such as the main character is around 10 years old I am anxious as to whether it will be an orthodox musical with a child center.

So, tomorrowOctober 2. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on October 2, one year ago.

Free Word "Tekippe" to Word or Excel "select and paste format" → "text" with one shot - GIGAZINE

A man who hit a shark with a bare hand to help his dog - GIGAZINE

I went to "Total Head Store" in Tenkajima and got a "ramen free ticket" of the Tenkaichi Festival - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Information Processing Society criticizes Google Book Search "Forcibly break through copyright infringement" - INTERNET Watch(Copyright, on the other hand also "I'd like to express my respect for Google's bold attempts to make it available for future visits and to provide broad access opportunities to the world")

Seven & i HD to close 30 yokado by the end of February 13th | Reuters(In addition to business closing, we are planning to open large stores in the Tokyo area at the same time)

When going to Google's top page, JavaScript will be executed 100 times per second - going forward while shooting(It seems to be a code for automatic supplement of search candidates, but because of this it opens up, the CPU usage rate will rise)

Stock trading is horrible: ham speed(Money, it should have earned 40 million yen, it fell to 4 million yen debt, the blog that comes out last was amazing)

Acne marks and acne are worried about other people 's gaze, right? Acne, irregularities, pores cleared! : Alfalfa mosaic(Health, full of various know-how)

The parent who continues to live on the data - Japan's death sentence declaration of Takanaga Takami(Society, 40399 people are supposed to be over 100 years old, but according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it was confirmed that they are actually alive, 21603 people)

Make all 300,000 employees leaders: Nikkei Business Online(I hate the "bureaucratic way of thinking" that makes jobs at the company)

Internet advertising expenditure over TV in the UK - ITmedia News(Advertisement, transition from conventional advertisement to online advertisement promising investment collection and measurement of effect is continuing)

It seems that Kogure & Twitter books of all time will truly pass over to Prime Minister Hatoyama's hand: [mi] Like it!(Internet service, a case in which it seemed to be connected to the prime minister in 12 hours)

Continuation · GPS logger - jikondo's diary(GPS, a case where I tried walking with a GPS logger attached to a cat)

Doraemon's name picture frame image(Manga, "But, I feel sorry for making friends with machines, etc.")

Companion and myself I met at the Tokyo Game Show - GAME NEVER SLEEPS(Life, "Is not it cute, is not it?" "All in all, everyone, desperately playing games, really cowardly, funny, afterwards companion said"

How to rapidly cool beer at home | nanapi [Nanapi](Life, a method that can be easily done with kitchen paper only)

Where is the highest purchase price of used books? | Second-hand purchase price comparison report(Lifestyle, cardboard boxes are pretty much different depending on stores)

Can stay over at Peninsula at 2009!? "Luxury hotel" "Best" booking technique - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Memo, the occupancy rate has been sluggish since the luxury hotel opening rush a few years ago)

Why are the peaks of sexuality of men and women shifted? | R25(Memo, after women are severely menopausal, sexual pains occur with high probability due to the lack of female hormones, so often older people dislike sexual intercourse)

Tendency to eat too much when losing weight with a big eater = research | sprawling of the world | Reuters(In the case of a fat person, there is a tendency for self-discipline to work even if the other person eats too much)

Miku Hatsune welcomes you! "Super Akiba" blood donation room was born - Tokyo Walker(Note, valuable figures that can be seen only on site are also exhibited)

From PHP "Science pictures of science men's children" - "The universal scientist picture book - Moe science gentlemen ~" - Akiba economic newspaper(Note, although it is a Moe-type utility book that had a sense of being mainly targeted to men, recently it seems that it also covers the girls' women's market)

Discover Tezuka Osamu Character of Phantom in Osaka (Excite Bit Connecter) | Excite News(Memo, "Coffee is a black witch" Coffee's mascot character "Mako-chan")

Character ranking of "Slam Dunk" I want to have a boyfriend - Anime ranking - goo ranking(There seems to be many women who want to be told that "Anime," Ao Ho)

Cospa, Mobile Suit Gundam "Federal military uniform T-shirt" to release the new version - Akiba economic newspaper(Anime, a person who knows it is grinning and has become a design which people who do not notice are not noticed)

The interior light of that Gundam Okawara Kunio design appeared! - Tokyo Walker(Gadget, three kinds of dinosaur type interior light making the best use of metal texture)

The next work by Studio Ghibli is directed by Isao Takahata's "Takebashi Monogatari" movie: Movie News - if it's a movie eiga.com(That it challenges with the style of wild animal caricature rather than animated, ghiblious animation)

The 60th anniversary of the founding of China, the Empire State Building also blessed 5 photos International News: AFPBB News(Overseas, lighting up to red and yellow in Chinese flag color)

Do not you anticipate donations from Japan any more? "Social Contribution" Boom Spreading in China | China Report China | Diamond Online(overseas,CSRA Chinese company that began to notice the effect of charity as a company)

Russians = Search | The overwhelming world of the world | Reuters(Overseas, about half of the Europeans post pictures taken by themselves on the Internet, Russians are keen on self portrait)

America's toothpick is different from "Hito" with Japan! - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Flavored toothpick with abroad, prevention of bad breath, relaxation effect etc)

T - Rex 's biggest enemy was a parasite? United States Australia Research International News: AFPBB News(Science, caused by parasites among TyrannosaurusTrichomoniasisThere was a possibility that it was irregular)

Tokyo DisneySea The first attraction in three years "Turtle Talk" first experience! - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Leisure, attractions that you can enjoy conversations with sea turtle crashes that appear in the movie "Finding Nemo")

"Beauty Clock" received the Good Design Award, life-size Gundam wins the Grand Prix - INTERNET Watch(Design, besides Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, Panasonic massage chair etc announced on November 6 of the Grand PrizeCandidateHas become)

Collision avoidance by two-way communication Nissan's robot car "Epolo" - MSN Sankei News(Technology aims to commercialize passenger cars equipped with collision avoidance function in the future)

'Famous Curry' of Freedom in Curry Bread - Collaboration with Kobeya - Namba Keizai Shimbun(Sold until November 30 at food, supermarket convenience stores in Kansai etc.)

Hawaii's popular No. 1 hamburger shop "TEDDY'S Bigger Burgers" landed in Japan for the first time - Tokyo Walker(Food,Kua AinaWill it be a powerful competitor?

New type of flu vaccination, Starting cost from mid-to-minute costs 6150 yen - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(Health, top priority vaccination recipients are "medical staff who diagnose influenza patients", "people with chronic illness and pregnant women", "children from 1 year old to elementary school lower grades" etc.)

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