"Thomas the Tank Engine" feels like a frequent train accident scheduled to be filmized in the spring of 2011

Currently, HIT Entertainment next year "Thomas the Tank Engine"We plan to produce a new TV series as a memento of the 65th anniversary, and in the spring of 2011 we will also plan a movie. Moreover, "Thomas the Tank Engine" has already sold 100 million books in the whole world, related goods are also like a mountain, so to speak the world prestige is so to speak.

Personally, I'm looking for something amazing like 'Oko is Okara' made into a movie.

The details of the movie & "Jiko is Okuru" are as follows.
'Thomas' buys ticket to big screen

New TV seriesCGIThe movie version is created by combining live action and CGI, and the screenplay is said to be handled by Josh Klausner of "Shrek 3".

This is not the first time for 'Thomas the Tank Engine' to be a movie, "Thomas the Tank Engine Magical Railway"Or"Scream Thomas! Mystery MountainAlthough there are things such as things like, there are model animation in both, and in fact it is likely that the version planned to be released in spring 2011 will be the first in the movie conversion making full use of CG.

It is unknown how the story to be made into a movie is unknown, but if you say "If Thomas was scheduled to operate today," it is not said that it is scheduled and there is not any excitement, so develop like sweating as it is It is expected that it will become.

Actually "Thomas the Tank Engine" is accidentally hurting a little from its atmosphere of warm heartedness, so it is a mysterious level why it will not be discontinued. I will introduce you "Okozakusa" that you can see how many accidents are occurring. This song is Thomas' fifth series insertion song "Jiko is an accident" (Accidents Will Happen), it is real.

YouTube - Thomas the Tank Engine: Kiko

"There are no accidents anymore!"
"These guys are taking a lot of accidents, so it is strange that no one will die."
"Man's disaster too, fail safe level is not level"
"It is a catastrophe rather than an accident ... (lol) Sir Hamphat Hat is definitely resigning."
"If there are so many accidents in Japan it is an order to stop traveling from the Ministry of Longitude long ago in Japan"?
"Even if you look at it, you can say that it is a wonderful railroad, and the railway is not closed though an accident happens so much .... But this railroad has no reflection or learning ability ... still , I love Thomas. "
In the case of
Such warm comments like rushing.

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