Waves of huge burger in Britain, 2645 calorie hamburger appearing in one piece

McDonald's used a quarter pound patty "Quarter · PounderAlthough a huge burger is getting popular in Japan as well as selling it, it seems that the wave of a huge burger comes in even in the UK, and it seems that it is talking as a hamburger with 1 2645 kilocalories is on sale .

As this one burger will exceed the recommended daily calorie, it seems that you will become obese if you eat it frequently.

Details are from the following.
2,700-Calorie 'Super Scooby' Burger Stands 6-Inches Tall, Weighs More Than 3-Pounds - Nutrition | Physical - FOXNews.com

The Super Scooby: Britain's most fattening burger goes on sale - Telegraph

Super Scooby is UK's 'biggest burger' | Metro.co.uk

This is a take-out specialty restaurant "Jolly Fryer" where 2645 kilocalories of hamburgers are sold.

This is an image made by overlaying two large hamburgers.

Pictures taken at the store actually. A volume that far exceeds the image photograph.

It's too big to coat.

The name of this hamburger is "Super Scooby". The price is being sold for 10 pounds (about 1500 yen), and he seems to be offering a diet cola for free for those who finished eating on the spot. There seems to be regulars who are eating Super Scooby every week, which seems to be quite reputable.

By the way, the content and calories of Super Scooby are as follows.

Patti 4 pieces (1 pound total (about 450 grams)): 1160 calories
12 onion rings: 300 kilocalories
Bacon 8 pieces: 275 calories
Sliced ​​cheese 8 pieces: 480 kilocalories
2 lettuce: 4 kcal calories
6 tomato slices: 25 kcal
Onion slice 4 pieces: 15 kilocalories
Source: 40 kcal
Mayonnaise: 90 kilocalories
Buns :: 256 kcal

Just looking at the contents seems to have heartburn.

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