A nutritional supplement that will make you feel like becoming a vampire

NowWidder in jellyThere are various nutritional reinforcement agents, but there seems to be a nutrient reinforcing agent that can enjoy the feeling of a vampire.

It seems that it tastes easy to drink on the contrary to the appearance, so it may be good to purchase it as a story.

Details are from the following.
Blood Energy Potion, a nutritional supplement that can make you feel like a vampire. It looks like a blood transfusion pack and I have the courage to drink it.

The Blood Energy Potion contains nutrients such as iron and protein, and it seems that it can supply energy for 4 hours in one pack. It looks like blood, but the taste is fruity punchy and it is easy to drink. There seems to be no difference in taste depending on the blood type described in the bag.

Blood Energy Potion is sold at the following site for 5 dollars and 99 cents (about 540 yen).

Blood Energy Potion at Urban Collector

Widder in jelly and I would like to try out which one is better for nutritional supplement.

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