A 600 horsepower ultra-light truck is going crazy

It is a movie that is enjoying driving a super tiny track loaded with 600 horsepower large displacement engine echoing the explosive. It is a hat to the idea, the technical ability, the execution ability which makes cars so far with hobby.

The movie is from the following.
Looking from afar, it seems to be a mistake for a well-made minicar, but people are riding properly and driving.

Anyhow, it is circling around with explosive.

The mismatch sense of a huge engine and a small car body is amazing.

Up of the engine.

Although the engine seems to be difficult to drive due to disturbance, I think that I do not care too much.

From the side, the exhaust pipe is impressive.

I do not seem to have to get on and off like feeling like opening the hood. It seems quite tough.

It is a car that you can nod to gather a lot of galleries. The movie is here.
LiveLeak.com - 600 HP Mini Monster Truck

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