10 selections of overseas motorcycle gangs that are so villainous that Japanese runaway tribes look cute

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Many people have heard of outlaw groups called 'motorcycle gangs' and 'biker gangs' who earned a living from murder and robbery. Here is a brief summary of those who have branches all over the world and are supported by thousands of members, and are proud of their violence that is incomparable to the 'runaway tribe' in Japan.

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Their 'motorcycle gangs' increased around 1960, when World War II ended. The 'Motorcycle Club' was created by motorcycle enthusiasts in the 1950s, and among them, the 'Outlaw Motorcycle Club' has the spirit of being free from all rules and strongly rebelling against the mainstream. It came to be called.

The word 'outlaw' does not mean 'illegal activity', but simply 'dislikes rigid rules', but the criminal grouping of this outlaw motorcycle club is called 'motorcycle gang'. Will be.

In response to such a move, the American Motorcyclist Association, which manages motorcycle racing activities in the United States, issued a statement that '99% of motorcycle riders are legally compliant', but motorcycle gangs called themselves '1%'. He continues to commit criminal acts under the name of 'er (remaining 1%)'.

1. Hells Angels

Probably the most famous motorcycle gang in the world. With branches in 27 countries, it is known as the 'Wal that spans six continents.' The members are limited to white people, and the number seems to be about 4000, but it seems that the actual situation is not very well understood when including the subordinate organization and the girls' club such as 'Devil Dolls'. .. There are very few groups that have an alliance, and it is a great group that is hostile to every team.

2. Mongolia

Named after the Mongolian hero Genghis Khan, the team was born in California in 1969, centered on Hispanic Vietnam veterans. It is currently estimated to have 70 branches and 500 to 600 members in the United States. The ATF in the United States has marked them as the most dangerous group because it handles everything from drug production to sales, and also has a kidnapping and money laundering business. Since it was founded mainly by members who were refused membership due to racial reasons in Hells Angels, it has fought a tremendous struggle with the group, but in 2008, a large-scale detection operation 'Operation Black Rain' It seems that it has been reduced to the point of destruction.

3. Outrose

Founded in 1935, the club is one of the oldest motorcycle gangsters in the United States, with 1,700 members and 176 branches in 12 countries and a history of more than 70 years after a World War II hiatus. one. The motto is 'God Forgives, Outlaws Don't'. Government agencies believe the club controls the Midwest, including the Great Lakes, including Chicago.

4. Bandidos

The logo looks cute, but under the frank slogan, 'The world of slapstick! We are all hated!', A very dangerous group that makes a living by trading illegal firearms and drugs. Originally originated in the southern United States, it has been repeatedly absorbed and merged with other motorcycle gangs, and currently has 2,500 members in 14 countries on four continents. It is the second largest in the United States, and it is considered dangerous because there are many other groups that are hiding.

5. Warlocks (Pennsylvania Warlocks)

Compared to Florida Warlocks, which belongs to the same group, the scale is about 100 people, which is about one-fifth, and although it is small, it is known for criminal activities comparable to other biker gangs. It has strong ties to other criminal organizations in the Pennsylvania region and seems to make a living by transporting drugs and weapons, threatening and murdering. The symbol is harpy. It has a starving pale female face and a bird of prey body, which is a good indication of the character of the group.

6. Vergos (also known as Green Nation)

Also known as 'green nation' because of the color of the emblem. Founded in the 1960s in San Bernardino, east of Los Angels, it gradually strengthened its influence on neighboring states and Mexico and grew into a group of around 300 people, mainly whites and Hispanics. It manufactures and transports metaamphetamines and marijuana, and has an alliance with Mongolia, which is centered on the same Hispanics.

7. Sands of Silence

One of the top five most dangerous biker gangs by the FBI, they have 30 branches in 12 states and are growing in Germany with about 300 members. Although there are racist tendencies such as white supremacism and wearing the key cross that was a symbol of the Nazis, it is believed that the connection with the white supremacist prison gang Aryan Brotherhood is not strong.

8. Solo Angels Motorcycle Club

Born in Tijuana, the border city of Mexico, they expanded into the southwestern United States with the street gangs of Southern California, the worst of all, Mara Salvatocha. It is known for its strong ties. Although it has the dangerous side of being one of the few alliance groups of Hells Angels, we hold a charity parade called Tijuana Toy Drive once a year and carry out unexpected activities such as distributing toys to children.

9. The Rebels

With 70 branches and 2000 members, Rebels has been rampant as Australia's largest gang group. They describe themselves as 'just bike lovers, not gangsters,' but they are also known as murderers, killing their opponents after a conflict with a hostile group.

10. Vultures

Many motorcycle gangs were born in the 1960s, but Vultures was born in Brazil in the 1980s and became the country's largest motorcycle gang and continues to expand to various places including neighboring Argentina. The members are basically only Brazilians, but it is rumored that branches have been formed in Japan, the United States, and Spain.

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