"Sasamekisuki" which can practice animation characters and kiss on iPhone and iPod touch starts free delivery

An iPhone application saying that the skill of kissing will be judged by scoreKISSCOMI (Kiss comic)". We are talking about topics such as ranking second overall in the APP Store domestic paying ranking, etc. In addition to all four types of "KISSCOMI" series, "KISSCOMI 2" with adventure elements also appeared.

In this "KISSCOMI" series, animation "Things to do"Sasamekisuki" which tied up, appeared, free delivery began.

Details are as below.
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"Sasamekisuki" is an application where Kazama Toshi "Kasasemi" is a kiss lesson so that the first kiss will be a wonderful memory. If you kiss directly, it will not be the first kiss, so I will practice through the face, but if you are shyly hesitating or cheating with a finger instead of a lips it will get angry at the wind. When practicing repeatedly and the kiss becomes skillful, the feeling rises, the specification that the face will be transparent.

Kiss scene is drawn down, you can enjoy full voice of Megumi Takamoto of the role of Mr. Kazama. Secret picture and reward image etc are also prepared.

The application will appear when you search by "Sasamekisukimi" or "KISSCOMI" on the APP Store. Also, for those who do not have an iPhone or iPod touch "Sasamekisukimi Mobile Edition" is being prepared, mobile dedicated siteMedifac ☆ MobileIt is distributed at.

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