One million ducks dye the lake white

Migratory birds moving at once to overcome cold and hot weather. Such a migratory bird is resting on the lake in the flight route, and the whole lake is covered with birds. About 1 million ducks seem to have visited in the lake shot this time, it has become a very spectacular scenery.

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Snow geese stopover at wildlife refuge en route to wintering grounds | Mail Online

Pictures of the lake filled with ducks. The lake is dyed white and spectacular.

This picture was taken at the Scoop Creek National Wildlife Park in Missouri, USA, which is a kind of duckHakuganIt is said that it is a resting place on the way from Central Canada to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. About 1 million birds are said to be about this year, and the number is increasing year by year. At one time the number of hakukan population was very small, hunting was prohibited from 1916 to 1975, but now seems to have tripled more than 30 years ago, more than 5% per year It is said that it continues to increase by.

This is the route along which hakkans travel. It is said that it will move between August and October every year.

It seems that the beetle flies off the lake.

Hakugans are going to fly at a speed of about 3000 feet (about 920 m) at speeds of 40 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour (65 km to 80 km per hour), but inside of which is at a height of 20,000 feet (about 6 km) There seems to be a flight hakungan.

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