When you eat too much hamburgers or dairy products you feel less satiety

Eating a dairy product such as a hamburger or an ice cream makes it less likely to feel full, and it seems that there is a possibility of eating too much.

It seems that this is caused by some saturated fatty acids, and its influence will persist for a while.

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Junk food alters brain chemistry and leads to bingeing | Mail Online

According to this article, it seems that research has shown that when you eat junk food such as hamburgers, chocolates, ice creams, you feel less satisfied and you eat too much as a result.

This was discovered through experiments conducted by Dr. Deborah CLEG of the University of Texas and is included in beef and dairy products used for hamburgers puttyPalmitic acidSaturated fatty acids that regulate appetiteLeptinYaInsulinIt seems to be caused by the brain 's action to ignore the signal of.

In addition, the influence of palmitic acid on the brain seems to persist for several days, and in the experiment conducted in Mus musculoskeleton, the influence remained about 3 days.

If this seems to be true for humans, it seems that if you do not calculate the calories firmly for a few days after eating hamburgers and dairy products, they will become fat unnoticed.

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