A snake in which a mysterious foot grew from the fuselage was discovered

It seems that creatures with feet that seems to be snakes from the trunk were found. It is not small to understand whether it is legs or not, it seems that it is under investigation as to why such things are growing, with the size of the hands and fingers clearly visible.

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One-legged snake found in China | The Sun | News

This is a picture of the snake where the foot grew. Clicking the image will disappear the mosaicPlease click only people who are OK to see.

This snake is in ChinaSuiningThings discovered by Dean Qiongxiu who lives in. It sounds like scratching the wall of the house in the middle of the night, so when Dean wakes up, it seems that this snake crawled while scratching the wall of the bedroom with the nails. Dean immediately knocked this snake with shoes and put it in a bottle containing alcohol. The length of this snake is about 16 inches (about 40 cm) and it is not that big.

After that, snakes are Sichuan province ·NanchongIt is inXi Hua Normal UniversityWe are carrying on research into why such feet grew.

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