A 107-year-old grandmother declared a marriage aiming for the 23rd marriage

Regardless of age, keeping in love is sometimes referred to as secret of youth, but it seems that there are women who are looking for a lover assuming marriage at the age of 107. Moreover, this woman is a loving-hearted woman who has already married 22 times, and he is currently married to a man less than half of his age.

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Woman, 107, seeks 23rd husband | World News | News.com.au

According to this article, Wook Kundor who lives in Malaysia declared to the local newspaper that he is 107 years old and is beginning to look for a new love premised on marriage. Mr. Wook is married for 22nd time with Muhammad Noor Che Musa of 70 years old young four years ago, but because Muhammad has a premonition that he is about to leave from his own, He said that he will start looking for a lover.

This is a picture when Wook and Muhammad married four years ago. Currently Mr. Muhammad leaves Wook and he seems to be receiving drug rehabilitation treatment in Kuala Lumpur.

Wook seems to be going to Kuala Lumpur to meet Muhammad at the next Ramadan.

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