A color pencil 500 color set that seems to be uncomfortable with color if there is only this

When trying to draw authentic pictures with colored pencils, we will combine existing colors to express different colors, but there seem to be 500 color pencil sets that are unlikely to be necessary.

Although it may be used as a colored pencil, it may be fashionable just to exhibit it as a display, and it can be decorated as part of the interior.

Details are as follows.
500 Colored Pencils? About 500 Pencils

This is the state where all 500 colors are arranged.

The above picture is arranged in display case "Aurora" sold separately.

Looking closer is like this.

This is "Orchestra" which supports only on the lower side.

You can take out the pencil directly with this kind of feeling.

It looks like this when actually sorting.

It is also possible to arrange them freely like this.

The above picture is arranged by this display case "Wave".

There is something like a pen stand like this. Product name is "Flower Vase"

Side by looking like this.

This colored pencil 500 color set is sold by Felissimo maker and in Japan also the regular price is 1800 yen a month, it is applied for 1000 yen a month in "Happy Happy Happy Birthplace" campaign applied when two people apply . Not all colors are sent at once but are sent separately in 20 times, with the total price being 36,000 yen, for the campaign of "happiness that can be happy together" campaign of 20,000 It seems to be a circle.

FELISSIMO 500 color color pencils | Felissimo

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