A stone statue of Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu familiar with the landscape of Shinchonada and a train "Mikunashi" subway

Miki Yokoyama Sangokushi Warrior BannerDuring the trip, I found Zhuge Liang standing in front of the supermarket. The statue of Zhou Yu is also made in front of the subway station, and the extraordinary passion poured in the Sangokushi has been transmitted.

In addition, when I got on the subway on the way back, the vehicle was also the Sangokushi specification, it was a day covered with Mitsuaki Yokoyama.

Details are as below.
There is a shop called "fresh food Super Pot" around the bowl of the potted plant.

A stone statue of Zhuge Liang is built as if walking in the vending machine corner in front of this supermarket.

The face seems to be original, not Komei Yokoyama model.

On the other hand, the Komagayashi station on the subway coast line in the middle of the arcade.

There is Zhou Yu in here.

Again the face is original.

Maru Five Although I found a newspaper in the market, it seems that the statue of Liu Bei is also built.

Iron Man poster here as well.

A convenient route map for walking around. Route is spreading from Shin - Nagata station to Nishiyo station in the north and Komagayashi station in the south.

Because it was hot, I decided to take a subway from Komagami Railway Station, but it seems to connect to Shin Nagata in the underground shopping area ... ....

And here also the Three Kingdoms' specification.

The vehicle that came was "Mikuniji" train.

Inside the car was introduced as "Three Kingdoms of the Living in Japan", which originated from the Three Kingdoms that do not know it without knowing it.

Ceiling of the vehicle. It seems that there is an illustration of Sangokushi not only at Komaga forest station in the past but also at the subway coastal station.

Just as Sangokushi train, military commander is printed. By the way Iron strokeThere is also the Tetsujin No. 28 trainIt seems.

At the end I was sent off to a hero triple and headed to the station of JR.

Although "Tetsujin 28" and "Sangokushi" are the main, Mr. Mitsuki Yokoyama also has other works such as "Babyl II" and "Mars" ("Six God Union God Mads" in animation) and "Giant Robo" As I have left it, is not it fun to be interesting if these works can also be taken up?

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