Banners of 128 Dynasty Warlords from "Three Kingdoms" by Mitsuteru Yokoyama

The Sangokushi(Three Kingdoms) manga based on the Chinese literary classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the best known works of Mitsuteru Yokoyama, along with super-robot manga Tetsujin 28-go and ninja manga Akakage.

In the shopping arcade of Shin-Nagata, Kobe, near the life-sized statue of Tetsujin 28-go we spotted Sangokushi-themed banners, each featuring a character from the manga, 128 in all.

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"The World of Sangokushi"

The first was Yi Ji. The names of all personages of the Three Kingdoms are pronounced differently in Japanese (e.g. Yi Ji is pronounced I-Seki) and the banners were sorted in the order of the Japanese syllabary.

2. Gan Ji. The colour of the banner represents the kingdom the person served. Orange: Shu Han, pink: Cao Wei, blue: Eastern Wu, green: others, or neutral.

3. Yu Jin

4. Yuan Shu

5. Yuan Shao

6. Wang Yun

7. Wang Ping

8. Hua Xin

9. Jia Xu

10. Guo Jia

11. Guo Si

12. Hao Zhao

13. Yue Jin

14. Guo Huai

15. Xiahou Yuan

16. Empress He

17. Xiahou Dun

18. Xiahou Ba

19. He Jin

20. Hua Tuo

21. Hua Xiong

22. Guan Yu

23. Guan Xing

24. Han Sui

25. Gan Ning

26. Guan Ping

27. Yan Liang

28. Wei Yan

29. Jiang Wei

30. Qiao Xuan

31. Xu Chu

32. Yu Fan

33. Yan Yan

34. Emperor Xian of Han

35. Huang Gai

36. Gongsun Zan

37. Huang Zhong

38. Go-Kokudai, a fictional younger sister of Wu Zhi.

39. Cai Mao

40. Zuo Ci

41. Shikyo-Shonin, a fictional oracle from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

42. Sima Yi

43. Sima Hui

44. Sima Shi

Shima Shi's banner was in disarray, we couldn't get a good look at him.

45. Sima Zhao

46. Ten Attendants

47. Zhou Cang

48. Zhou Tai

49. Zhou Yu

50. Lady Zhurong

51. Xun Yu

52. Jiang Wan

53. Zhong Hui

54. Jiang Gan

55. Jiang Qin

56. Zhuge Jin

57. Zhuge Liang

58. Xu Huang

59. Xu Shu

60. Xu Sheng

61. Suu-Shi, concubine of Cao Cao.

62. Cao Rui

63. Cao Xiu

64. Cao Hong

65. Cao Zhi

66. Cao Zhen

67. Cao Ren

68. Cao Cao

69. Cao Pi

70. Sun Qian

71. Sun Jian

72. Sun Quan

73. Sun Ce

74. Sun Shangxiang

75. Two Qiaos

76. Taishi Ci

77. Zhao Yun

78. Zhang Jiao

79. Zhang He

80. Zhang Zhao

81. Zhang Song

82. Zhang Ren

83. Diao Chan

84. Zhang Fei

85. Zhang Bao

86. Zhang Yi

87. Zhang Liao

88. Zhang Lu

89. Chen Gong

90. Chen Gui

91. Chen Deng

92. Cheng Yu

93. Cheng Pu

94. Dian Wei

95. Deng Ai

96. Tao Qian

97. Dong Cheng

98. Dong Zhuo

99. Ma Su

100. Ma Dai

101. Ma Chao

You can see banner 1 through 101 by going straight down the arcade from where the life-sized Tetsujin stood, but the arcade ends a little past banner 101. To see the rest, you must go back a little and enter this "Marugo Ichiba (Circle 5 Market)".

The entrance is located somewhere around Cao Cao's banner (No. 68).

Ma Teng

103. Ma Liang

104. Fei Yi

105. Mi Zhu

106. Princess Fuyo, fictional first love of Liu Bei.

107. Wen Chou

108. Fa Zheng

109. Pang Tong

110. Pang De

111. Man Chong

112. Meng Huo

113. Meng Da

114. Yang Yi

This is the end of "Marugo Ichiba".

The rest of the banners are placed in "Nishi Kobe Center Gai" arcade, a little north from here.

115. Li Jue

116. Lu Xun

117. Li Ru

118. Li Dian

119. Liu Qi

120. Liu Zhang

121. Liu Shan

122. Liu Bei

123. Liu Biao

124. Liu Feng

125. Lu Bu

126. Lu Meng

127. Lu Su

128. Lu Zhi

Unfortunately, Mitsuteru Yokoyama's Three Kingdoms is not translated to English as far as we know, but there are many gripping films and television series based on the Chinese classic including Red Cliff. It'll be a good place to start if you're interested.

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