Sony's first Android Phone is for NTT Docomo

Sony has been developing an "Android" phone handset under a codename "Rachel" and finally it comes out. Sony's new smartphone is now revealed for NTT docomo. Good news for Sony fans.

Read on for detail.

NTT Docomo to expand Smartphone lineup - Latest News: IT-PLUS

Accroding to Nihon Keizai Shimbun, NTT Docomo is negotiating with two new companies, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, for smartphone, in addition to four smartphone manufacturers already in commission. They will get Windows smartphone from Samsung and Android phone from Sony.

Smartphones' manufacturing is rather costly. But while the Japanese market of overall cell phone handset is shrinking by 30% to last year, the sales of smartphone is increasing by 50%. And also user of smartphone is a good customer for cell phone operator for they likely use up free minutes for packet communication. These make smartphone a lucrative market for cellphone operators.

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