From Dante to Hitchcock, various celebrity desmasks

Death mask was taken of the shape of the face of the deceased, and it seems that it was made as a material for decorating the desmask at the funeral ceremony from the 17th century and drawing a portrait. Currently in archeology it is also discovering masks from the discovered skulls to confirm the characteristics, and it seems that there are occasions to make a mask (life mask) of the living being for scientific use.

That's why I attempted to collect celebrity desmasks.

Details are as below.
Laurence Hutton Collection of Life and Death Masks

Death Masks of the Famous | Socyberty

Napoleon Bonaparte went up to the emperor in the French Revolution.

Dante Alighieri wrote the epic "Kamikyoku".

Queen England, Elizabeth I.

George Washington, the first president of the United States of America.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president.

Ludwig van Beethoven, a great composer also known as "Episode".

Russian novelist Lech Tolstoy who wrote "War and Peace" "Anna Karenina".

God of a suspense movie that left works such as "Birds" "Psycho" and "Balkan Super Express", film director Alfred Hitchcock.

Oliver Cromwell, a politician who became leader of the Republic of England after the Puritan Revolution.

Ervin Rommel, the German general who got his name in the Second World War. In the end, he was suspected of involvement in Attack of Hitler assassination, and achieved suicide of poisoning without any defense.

Experimental physicist Arthur H. Compton. "Compton effectWe have won the Nobel Prize in Physics by Discovery.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe of "Faust" "Young Welter's trouble" seems to have made a life mask during his life.

This is another Life mask of Goethe.

And Goethe 's desmask. Although there may be age differences, it seems that face changes a bit while living and after death.

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