Lotteria's "exquisite hamburger" is doing great, the proportion of customers who offered refunds also revealed

As a new hamburger following Lotteria's "exquisite cheeseburger", from July 16th "Exquisite hamburgersAlthough it is on sale, it became clear that the sales are very strong.

Have implemented a campaign to refund fully to customers offering "not delicious"Although it is "exquisite hamburgers" that gathered topics, the percentage of customers who actually offered refunds is also known.

Details are as below.
Current affairs dot com: Returnable hamburger good condition = Lotteria

According to news agency reports, Lotteria announced that the sales volume of "exquisite hamburgers" released on July 16 reached approximately 1.2 million meals in about two weeks until July 31.

This is an exquisite hamburger

In addition, for the full refund campaign for customers who did not like the "exquisite hamburgers" that had been held until July 31, the proportion of customers who actually offered refunds was significantly lower than the initial planned 1 to 5% It was only 0.2%.

It is "exquisite hamburgers" that were exactly what they could call "exquisite" by balancedly combining vegetables with shakiraki and vegetables with a sense of rough grinding, but "the next one" of Lotteria appears When will it be? I am very much looking forward to it.

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