Movie aiming to achieve world record with mattress / domino

Domino knockdown world recordIt seems that it is 4,345 thousand 27 pieces made in the Netherlands. It seems that it is necessary to make a hard effort to break through this, but this mattress domino seems to be able to challenge the world record very fun.

Details are below.
They all fall down: Mattress dominoes world record attempt | Mail Online

The record of 41 mattress dominoes was made by employees in the UK home center and nowGuinness World RecordsIt is said that it is being confirmed that if there are no more records before, it will be recognized as a world record.

YouTube - Mattress Dominoes World Record Attempt - HD

The butterfly falls.

I feel like I'm falling down by myself somehow.

I will turn around the corner.

It seems to be going up the stairs.

And to the belt conveyor.

A stuffed doll has been added.

Finish with a futon.

It is put out.


People off the track

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