Luxurious iPhone studded with pure gold and diamonds "iPhone 3G limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition"

Mostly except for the screen part, it is mostly decorated with pure gold, and it seems that there is a luxurious iPhone whose Apple logo is made of diamonds. It is quite courageous to use the iPhone shining like this in the streets, but there is no doubt that people will draw attention.

Details are from the following.
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This is an iPhone made of gold "iPhone 3G limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition". I think that it is made of gold only at the edge part ... ...

All behind is gold. It seems that 53 diamonds are used for Apple logo etc.

Apple logo made of diamonds.

Looking from the side like this.

Also the side volume control button etc. gold.

I understand that it is gorgeous, but it seems that it is quite heavy and usability is bad.

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