From high school girls' "Saki - Saki -" which will play a mahjong battle, high school strongest samurai, Amagi and stealth peach

Manga is serializing to "Young Ganggan", and animation is also broadcasting from April 2009Saki -". A lot of rivals appear as girls' high school students play a mahjong battle, consisting of five teams, but at the Wonder Festival 2009 [summer], at Longmen Fubuchi High School feared as the strongest spy of high school Mamo Toyoko (common name: Stealth Momo) that the opponent will not be alarmed even if reaching the thinness of Amagi and so much shadow, and decided to fight at the Kiyosumi High School Mahjong Department to the main character · Saki Was this review helpful?

Details are as below.
Silent minorityIt was Teru Amagi who was at the booth.

Although it looks very cute, he himself dislikes being treated like a child.

Fantasy skillToyoko Momoko in the booth.

Although it seems to be something like an aura from uniforms, it will be in stealth and blending into the surroundings.

And at CRAFT K booth "Ha no Echi" Kazuhiro Haramura.

Rich breasts are well reproduced.

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