Special TV episode drama "Fragrance <GARO>" that gained popularity, making it a film in full 3D in 2010

"Special effects" and "Super Sentai"Kamen Rider"Ultraman, "Or"Metal HeroAlthough I think that it is related to a series such as, from October 2005 to March 2006 a different color TV special effects TV drama was broadcast. that is"Fragrance "is.

"False " was unusually broadcast as a special-effects program in the late-night frame, and it was made to target adults. Cast and guest teams were pretty luxurious, and action scenes were outperformed by similar programs. In 2008 I was going to be a pachinko, but it seems that it will be a movie. the title is"Fragrance ~ RED REQUIEM ~That's right.

Details are as below.
Fragrance ~ RED REQUIEM ~

Tohokushinsha = "Fragrance ~ RED REQUIEM ~" 3D movie making decision! = Kyodo News PR Wire

"False War " is a hyper action that fights against the horror and horror that the golden knight Gallo wrapped the whole body with golden armor, against the human race. The original director and general managerZeiram"Kamen Rider ZODirector Keita Amemiya, director of action directed movie "K-20 Phantom of the Phantom 20"Makoto Yokoyama.

The shooting started from July, and it seems that a collaboration project with a new pachinko machine is underway. Although CG and VFX technology which originally was unprecedented as a television program was used, powerful action scenes seem to be a highlight in movies making full use of the latest 3D technology developed by omnibus Japan.

Perhaps since the drama was broadcast, it has been influenced by the rise in name recognition and fund raising due to pachinko formation. With this condition, "Fafner of the Azure'New movie and'Martian Battleship Nadesico"Sequel to sequelIs it okay to expect production such as ... ....

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