Triceratops helicopter that is likely to appear in Zoid

ZoidThere seems to be a Triceratops type helicopter that is likely to appear in. The quality is so high that it seems to start really, so even adults are likely to enjoy themselves as if they had returned to their childhood if they could actually ride.

Pictures are as follows.
ROFLCopter? Triceracopter? No, It's The TriceROFLcopter!

This is a Triceratops type helicopter. This picture was taken at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1977.

There is considerable force.

A picture taken from the top.

Propeller part.

tail. It is a feeling that it is a helicopter anyhow here.

The foot part.

Pictures in the process of making. Patricia Renick of the producer is at the bottom.

This Triceratops type helicopter is named "Triceracopter", and the body of the helicopter inside seems to be using the aircraft used during the Vietnam War.

You can see other pictures from below.
Flickr Photo Download: NOW AVAILABLE: Triceracopter: Hope for the Obsolescence of War

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